The English Course Council (ECC), to which all English graduate students automatically belong, holds general and executive meetings every month. The ECC executive consists of eleven officers: Chair, Vice-Chair/Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Officer, Social Director, Graduate Committee Representative, Research Committee Representative, two Faculty Committee representatives (one M.A., one Ph.D.), and two Graduate Students' Association Representatives. Every student in the program is eligible to sit on the executive, the members of which are elected at the first general meeting of the academic year.

Perhaps the most important functions of the ECC executive are promoting student views and concerns to the Department's Graduate Committee and Research Committee, and advocating for individual students and groups to various offices and agencies on campus. The ECC gathers and distributes information for its membership; promotes events important to graduate studies in English—readings, seminars, and conferences; it also serves in a more social way by organizing pubs, skating parties, movie nights, and much more. An ECC member edits The Daily Procrastinator, the newsletter for graduate students in English.

Members of the ECC manage and edit The Fieldstone Review, an online literary journal publishing poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and reviews. Under the supervision of Professor Sheri Benning, MFA in Writing students run The River Volta Review of Books, an online journal of book reviews, interviews with writers, and essays analyzing elements of the craft. MFA students also organize the River Volta Reading Series, a monthly event featuring readings by authors.


English Course Council 2023-2024

Executive Council: Email

  • President: Nicole Jacobson 
  • Vice-President/Finance: Haonan Yang
  • Communications Officer: Olivia Abram and Laura Fraser
  • Fieldstone Review Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Krahn

Non-Executive Council:

  • ACCUTE Representative: Gwen Rose
  • Faculty Committee Representatives: Haonan Yang (PhD rep.) and Laura Fraser and Ava McLean (MA reps.)
  • Graduate Committee Representative: Nicole Jacobson (Cara Schwartz alternate)
  • GSA Representatives: Parastoo Tahmasbi  and Gwen Rose
  • PSAC Representative: Gwen Rose
  • RSAW Representative: Jasmine Redford
  • Undergraduate Representative: Alex Torvi (Ava McLean alternate)
  • MFA Liaison: TBA
  • Social Committee: Cara Schwartz (chair); Nicole Jacobson, Ava McLean, and Parastoo Tahmasbi (committee members)

Fieldstone Review Editorial Board 2023-2024

River Volta Review of Books Editorial Board 2023-2024 Email

  • Book Reviews Editors: Dawn Muenchrath and Josiah Nelson
  • Interviews Editor: Walker Pityn

River Volta Reading Series 2023-2024

  •  Organizers: Dan Bliss, Sara Krahn, and Owen Schalk

 ECC 2023-2024 Meetings

 Upcoming meetings for the ECC will be October 11, 12:30 pm; November 1, 2 pm; December 6, 2 pm; January 3, 2 pm