Name Research areas
Lindsey Banco Cultural Studies; Literature; United States; culture; film; nuclear; science
William Bartley United States; culture; fiction; film; literature
Kristina Bidwell Aboriginal; Metis; indigenous; literature; storytelling; writing
Michael Cichon, STM England; Wales; feud; literature; medieval
Kevin Flynn 19th Century; Canada; culture; literature; poetry
Richard Harris 17th century; England; Iceland; literature; proverbs
Kylee-Anne Hingston McKechnie, STM Victorian Literature and Culture; Disability Studies; Children's Literature; Pedagogy
Jennifer Hunnef American literature; Critical Indigenous studies; Critical legal studies; Critical race theory; Indigenous literature
Kathleen James-Cavan 18th Century; England; Jane Austen; disability; literature; women
Arul Kumaran, STM British literature; Early modern; Renaissance; Shakespeare
Joanne Leow Decolonizing Literatures; Anglophone Asian Literatures and Film; Asian North American Literatures; Postcolonial Theory; Spatial Theory; Urbanism / Cities; Ecocriticism; Diasporic and Transnational Studies
Yin Liu Medieval English language and literature; history of the English language; medieval history of reading; manuscript studies
Marie Lovrod Autobiography; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Transnational Feminisms; Trauma and Resilience
Jeanette Lynes Creative writing; culture; feminist theory; gender; poetry
Ann R.C. Martin Dorothy L. Sayers; England; Modernism/Modernity; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; The Motor-Car; Virginia Woolf
Allison Muri 18th century; England; London; communications; cultural studies; digital humanities; history of science & technology; history of the book; literature; media studies; print culture; social media
Brent Nelson John Donne; Renaissance; book history; cabinets of curiosities; cultural history; digital; digital humanities; early modern; literature
Ella Ophir British literature; United States; digital humanities; fiction; literature; poetry
Sarah Powrie, STM Augustine; Chaucer; John Donne; Nicholas of Cusa; allegory; dream visions; early modern; history of science; medieval philosophy
Peter Robinson Chaucer; Dante; Digital humanities; editing
Joanne Rochester English literature; Italy; Renaissance; Shakespeare
Wendy Roy Adaptations; Apocalyptic and dystopian fiction; Canada; Canadian literature; Feminism; Popular culture; Sequels; Travel writing; gender
Peter Stoicheff United States; guitar; hypertext; literature; poetry
Lisa Vargo 18th Century; 19th Century; Mary Shelley; fiction; hypertext; women
Ludmilla Voitkovska Critical theory; linguistics; literature; translation
Cynthia Wallace, STM 20th Century; Adrienne Rich; Ana Castillo; Annie Dillard; Catholic; Chimamanda Adichie; Mary Gordon; Simone Weil; Toni Morrison; attention; contemporary; ethics; feminism; gender; life writing; postcolonial; postmodern; redemption; religion; representation; suffering; theory; women; women writers
Gerald White Canada; Comparative Literature; European Studies; Film; Ireland; Minority languages; Quebec
Francis Zichy Canada; United States; drama; fiction; literature; poetry