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Finding the Magic: The Transformative Potential of Collaboration


Join us for a talk by Dr. Kristina Fagan Bidwell (PhD), faculty member in the Department of English

While most literary scholars work alone, working collaboratively has the potential to transform our research and even ourselves. Working across cultural differences, while challenging, can open up previously unimagined possibilities. Drawing on her interviews with scholars who have extensive collaborative experience, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Storytelling Kristina Bidwell will share stories of how working together can create moments of magic, joy, and personal change.

Info: 306-966-1268 | english.department@usask.ca

Kristina Bidwell (left) is co-writing a book with Sophie McCall of Simon Fraser University on Indigenous-led collaboration in the literary arts.


Literature Matters Winter 2023-24 Schedule



Reading, studying, and talking about literary works helps us to make sense of the world around us. Since 2012, the Department of English has sponsored its literature in the community series, Literature Matters, featuring talks about our research for the Saskatoon community. Presenters are members of the department, including professors, sessional lecturers, and graduate students. All events are held on Wednesdays between September and May at 7:30 p.m. in the social hall of Grace-Westminster United Church, 505-10th Street East, Saskatoon. Everyone is welcome.

For our upcoming lectures, please watch for our Facebook and front page event postings for more detailed day/time information or contact english.department@usask.ca.

People at Literature Matters event
English graduate student Jasmine Redford talks to faculty member Peter Robinson at her Literature Matters presentation on illustrating the graphic novel Siegfried: Dragon Slayer.