Picture of Martha Smith

Martha Smith PhD (Toronto), MA (Queen's), BA (Hons) (Queen's)


Faculty Member in History

Arts 712

Research Area(s)

  • US Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
  • American Cold War Policies in the Asia Pacific
  • Nuclear Proliferation and the Environment

About me

Martha Smith is a Cold War historian with a particular interest in US foreign policies in the Asia Pacific region.  She is the author of Domination and Resistance: The United States and the Marshall Islands during the Cold War (University of Hawaii Press, 2016).  Her current research is a study of the relationship between Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, the Nation State, and the Environment.



US Foreign Relations in the Twentieth Century

American Cold War Policies in the Asia Pacific

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and the Environment


HIST 471.6: The United States in the Nuclear Age

HIST 478.3: The United States and the Vietnam Wars

HIST 375.3: US Foreign Relations, 1890s to the Present

HIST 270.6: A History of the United States

HIST 185.3: Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, the Nation State, and the Environment



Minor Comprehensive Fields: American History after 1865;  US Foreign Policy, 1890 to the Present; American History and the Atomic Bomb 

Major Comprehensive  Field: American History after 1865



Steven Langlois, MA, "Feeding a Nuclear Giant: Fernald and the Uranium Production System, 1943-1989," 2019.

Moses Allor Awinsong, MA, "The Local Factor in Democratization: Examining Democracy Promotion in US-Ghana Relations after the Cold War, 1992-2001," 2019.

Brenan Smith, MA, "Cold Warrior Abroad: The Foreign Missions of Vice President Richard Nixon," 2012.

Frank Kusch, PhD, " Nixon's Loyalists: Inside the War for the White House, 1972," 2010.

Clay Poupart, MA, "When Will My Turn Come?: Civil Service Purges and the Construction of a Gay Security Risk in the Cold War United States, 1945-55," 2005.

Rob Paul, MA, "The Domestic President: The School Desegregation, Welfare Reform, and Environmental Policies of Richard Nixon," 2005.

Tess Gaschler, MA, "Eisenhower's Open Skies Proposal: Arms Control or Propaganda?" 2003.

Britton MacDonald, MA, "Blazing a New Trail: Senator Vandenberg's Shift from Isolationism to Internationalism," 1999.


20th Century U.S. History Cold War History Environmental History Nuclear Proliferation U.S. Foreign Relations United States and the Asia Pacific