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Welcome to the Department of History

The first lecture in History at the University of Saskatchewan took place in a downtown Saskatoon office building in 1909. Since then, the Department of History has become one of the most dynamic and prestigious units on campus and among the finest in Canada.


Our undergraduate program offers courses on a variety of themes, topics, and historical periods. One of the highlights is the Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) program, which has few equals in Canada. We’re especially proud of our small seminars, which offer undergraduates the opportunity to study directly with experienced faculty. Several professors have won teaching awards.


The History Department features a vigorous and growing graduate program. Working in various geographical and temporal contexts, department scholars have developed strengths in the following thematic areas: Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Native-newcomer relations; History of the Great Plains; Environmental History; Science, Medicine and Health; Gender and Sexuality; Twentieth Century Politics, Culture and Public Policy. The History Department has a well-earned reputation as the academic leader in historical Aboriginal studies in Canada and the history of medicine, thanks in large part to the Canada Research Chairs in Native-newcomer relations and the history of medicine.


The History Department is at the forefront of Humanities research at the University of Saskatchewan. History faculty have been awarded 25% of all Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council standard research grants on campus in recent years. This research-funding success is matched by an impressive publication record and a willingness to provide in-depth historical commentary on many contemporary issues.


The department has been home to the Canadian Journal of History for more than forty years. And it supports active student societies at both the undergraduate and graduate level: The History Undergraduate Students Association (HUSA) and the History Graduate Student Committee (HGSC). Most recently, History faculty helped launch a new on-line journal, Opuscula: Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The department is now a hub for interdisciplinary teaching and research. We have close links to a variety of academic units on campus, including English, Geography, Native Studies, International Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, and many others . Several faculty participate in large interdisciplinary research networks at the national and international levels. We're excited about nurturing connections to the new graduate schools of Public Policy, Environment and Sustainability, and Public Health.



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