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Jesse Stewart PhD

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Faculty Member in Linguistics

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Research Area(s)

  • Phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics
  • Mixed languages and language contact
  • Media Lengua, Quichua, Guaraní, Michif, Gurindji-Kriol, Siona, ASL, and Romance languages
  • Computational linguistics
  • Language documentation and conservation
  • Suprasegmental phonology (intonation, nasality, stress, lengthening etc.)


ASL Acoustics American Sign Language Discourse Gurindji Gurindji Kriol Intonation Kichwa Kriol Lengthening Media Lengua Michif Narratives Perception Phonetics Phonology Production Quechua Quichua Sign lengthening Siona VOT Voice onset time Vowel production Vowel space Vowels diphthongs fricatives rhotics vowel sequencies

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Onosson, Sky & Jesse Stewart. (2021). The Effects of Language Contact on Non-Native Vowel Sequences in Lexical Borrowings: The Case of Media Lengua. Language and Speech PaPE 2019 Special Issue. 1-30 doi.org/10.1177/00238309211014911

Stewart, J. Gabriela Prado Ayala & Lucia Gonza Inlago (2020). Media Lengua Dictionary. Dictionaria. 13. 1-3192 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4147099 (Available online: Dictionaria)

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Stewart, J. (2013). Stories and Traditions from Pijal: Told in Media Lengua. North Charleston: CreateSpace.

Artistic Works

I'm often told to stop playing the guitar.

Teaching & Supervision

Introduction to linguistics Morphology Phonetics Principles of phonology Research Methods Second language acquisition Structure of language

      An Acoustic Analysis of Vowels in Sangesari
Fatemeh FATEMI (MA)
      Online Quichua and Media Lengua Verb Conjugator
Kristy REYES (MA)
      Voice Onset Time in Achí

Christiani Pinheiro THOMPSON WAGNER (PhD)
      Tipo, Brazil’s like: A synchronic phonetic analysis of nominal discourse functions

        A Comparative Lexical Analysis of Unified Kichwa and Agualongo de Paredes Kichwa
Aurora SAHAGÚN RUíZ (MA 2021)
       Spanish VOT Production by L1 Nahuat Speakers
       An Analysis of Intonation Patterns in Ecuadorian Cuencano Spanish: A Sp_Tobi Description

BA (Honours)

Melanie BECKHUSEN (BA, hons, 20223)
       Rapping versus natural speech on voice onset time
Emma WEDHOLM (BA, hons, 2020)
      Saskatchewan Vowel Production: An Analysis of Formant Production Between Rural and Urban

Teaching (2023-24):
Structure of a non-Indo-European language - Media Lengua

Courses taught:
Morphology - LING 243
Language Teaching and Technology in TESOL - ESOL 803
Structure of Language - LING 111
Principles of Phonology - LING 340
Research Methods - LING 804
Phonetics - LING 242
Development of Language Proficiencies - TESOL 802
Intercultural Communication - LING 251
Academic Reading and Writing - ESL 115
Second Language Acquisition - LING 248
Academic Speaking - ESL 116
Rules of English Grammar - LING 1440 (Manitoba)
Introductory Linguistics - 1001 (Winnipeg)
Pronunciation - ESLC 0270 (Manitoba)


Acoustic Phonetics Auditory (Perceptual) Phonetics Computational linguistics (statistical modeling, parsers, web-based language revitalization tools) Empirical & Experimental Linguistics Language Contact Language Documentation Languages of Latin America Media Lengua Mixed Languages Morphonology Nasality Phonology Psycholinguistics Quechuan Languages

I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Saskatchewan, located on Treaty 6 Territory, Canada. I have been collaborating with speakers of Media Lengua (ISO 639-3 mue) in the Community of Pijal (Imbabura, Ecuador) for over a decade in an effort to document their language. Together, we have compiled the first Media Lengua dictionary (online, print) and complied a storybook containing 30 oral stories and traditions from Pijal, written in Media Lengua. We're currently working on a cookbook with 30+ recipes, written in Media Lengua, and archival material for AILLA.

My primary area of academic research explores questions pertaining to the production and perception of phonemic conflict sites (conflicting areas of phonological convergence) in mixed languages (and language contact in general); specifically relating to Media Lengua (Ecuador). As of late, I have been working in collaboration with Dr. Sky Onosson to further expand on these questions in Media Lenuga and with numerous other colleagues to expand these questions to other mixed languages; specifically Michif (Canada, ISO 639-3 crg), Gurindji-Kriol (Australia, ISO 639-3 gjr), and Ma'a (Tanzania, ISO 639-3 mhd). In addition, I've been working in collaboration on a number of other languages to document nasality phenomena (Dr. Martine Bruil, Dr. Olga Lovick, Kristy Reyes Herrera) using a new method developed by Dr. Martin Kohlberger and myself, which provides an effective means of gathering nasal data from the field. I also have past projects that explore discourse phenomena in ASL; namely, sign lengthening and the identification of disfluencies in the visual-gestural modality). All my publications are available online on my personal website.

Additionally, I help promote a community tourism project called Sumak Pacha located in Pijal, Imbabura, Ecuador where Media Lengua is spoken. Sumak Pacha is a grassroots effort to promote Kayambi culture and help build a more sustainable economy to combat outmigration. The project offers a homestay program and various activities including: Organic agricultural growing techniques, music, dance, national foods, hiking trails, horseback riding, bike trips, and rural lodging. If you're interested in visiting Pijal let me know.

Education & Training

Ph.D., University of Manitoba, 2015 - Linguistics
M.A., University of Manitoba, 2011 - Linguistics
B.A., Evergreen State College, 2007 -  Romance Linguistics
A.A., South Puget Sound Community College, 2006 - General