Jen Amarualik-Yaremko

Research Interests: I'm looking at decolonizing Inuit education policy in Nunavut by examining how the current education system has been created and what policies go towards reinforcing colonialism at a federal and territorial level.

Sub-Fields: Indigenous Governance and Politics and Canadian Politics and Policy

Nishat Tasnim

Research Interests: My areas of interests are Migration, Human Rights and Indigenous Governance and Politics. Currently, I am working on my MRP titled "Towards Building Radical Empathy between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People: A Case of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.

Sub-Fields: International Relations, Indigenous Governance and Politics.

Oyuntuya Shagdarsuren

Research Interests: Interested in research about sustainability and development. Her thesis focuses on civil society and resistance to mining in Mongolia.

Sub-Fields: Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics and Policy.

Susan Shacter

Research Interests: Thesis topic - The Road to Resurgent Métis Governance & Political Trust in Saskatchewan

Sub-Fields: Indigenous Governance and Politics

Isma Zaamout

Research Interests: My research explores the complexities and dynamics of cyberspace interactions and their influence on public perception of truth and valid knowledge. Applying a Foucauldian analytical lens, I examine the narratives constructed by news media in the context of geopolitical conflicts and war. My research is motivated by the need to understand how these narratives or truths may work against dialogue and conflict resolution.

Sub-Fields: Political Theory, International Relations

Jerod Orb

Research Interests: The modern Treaty making process  and the importance of recognizing the spirit and intent of these binding agreements. 

Sub-Fields: Canadian Politics, Indigenous Governance and Politics

Harrison Baile

Research Interests: National security policy and privacy. He is currently writing his thesis on the use of Canadian information by the Canadian government.  

Sub-Fields: Canadian Politics and Policy

Soma Bidarpour

Research Interests: In my research, I adopt a critical approach to unravel the intricate and nuanced relationship between women's bodies and the identities of states. I delve into the ways in which state narratives and policies shape societal perceptions of women's bodies, examining the impact on gender norms and expectations. The central focus is on understanding the role of women's bodies as contested sites within the political landscape.

Sub-Fields: International relations, Gender and Politics

Simon McPhee

Research Interests: Care Ethics and relationality

Sub-Fields: Political Theory, International Relations

Alex Camilo Duran Montano

Research Interests: My research is focused on security sector reform (SSR) in Latin America and the Caribbean, through a critical examination of the Salvadoran peace process and transition from conflict to post-conflict. My thesis is titled 'An Incomplete Peace: Shortcomings of Security Sector Reform in the Salvadoran Peace Process'.  

Sub-Fields: International Relations and Comparative Politics