Frequently Asked Questions


Complete a class permit/override form if you need to:

  • Override a class/lab limit
  • Override a class restriction
  • Override a time conflict
  • Receive special approval (Department Head, Dean, Instructor, etc)
  • Exempt a Lecture/Lab

Complete a prerequisite waiver form if you would like to register for a course in which you do not have the necessary requirements.

If you would like to take a course but do not have the required prerequisites but have prior education that would warrant such an approval, you must fill out a prerequisite form. Please note that prerequisite waivers are only granted if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified.

Download the appropriate form (class permit/override or prerequisite waiver form)

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Obtain the signature of the instructor.
  3. Submit the form to the Political Studies General office (Arts 283C).  The office coordinator will give the form to the department head to review. Note: Forms can be dropped off in person or can be scanned and emailed to     
  4. Once the form has been reviewed, the office coordinator will contact the student to inform them whether their request has been approved.
Note: If the class you are seeking a permit/override or a prerequisite/corequisite waiver is offered through STM, you must obtain their department head’s signature. All completed permit/override or prerequisite/corequisite waiver forms for STM class should be submitted to the Student Services Office located in STM 155 for processing.

Late registration for classes may be possible after the deadline for registration changes. Students who wish to register in a class after the deadline for registration changes will need to obtain permission to take the class from both the instructor and department head. This can be done by completing a late enrolment form. Once it is completed, students must submit the form directly to Student Central, not to the Political Studies General Office.

Student Central
Administration Building 105 Admin Pl.

Note: students will be charged a $35 fee for each class added after the deadline for registration changes.

Auditing a class means that you are able to attend lectures but are not entitled to participate in class discussions, hand in assignments, or write midterm or final examinations. You do not receive any credit for the classes you audit.

If you audit a class you will have a grade of AU on your student record, unless the instructor determines that your attendance was not sufficient to earn an audit grade, in which case a grade of withdrawal from audit (WAU) will be assigned.

Students are not able to register on an audit basis at any time through PAWS; this transaction must take place at Student Central. Audit registration can only be processed after the start of classes.

First, you need to find out if you need permission to audit the class. To find this information, you will need to perform a Class Search. If "Audit Allowed with Permission" is listed under the Attributes column, you will need permission. If "Audit Allowed with Permission" is not listed, you do not need permission.

If you do not need permission, go directly to Student Central to be registered. If you need permission, you must fill out the audit a class form in which you are required to obtain the signatures of the instructor and the department head signifying their approval.  After obtaining these signatures, you must submit the completed form to Student Central to be registered for the class.

Note: Registration as an audit student is not allowed prior to the start of classes. Registration can only be processed after the start of classes.

Students who have declared Regional and Urban Planning as their major require only POLS 111.3 (not POLS 111.3 and POLS 112.3) as a prerequisite for senior POLS classes listed in Regional and Urban Planning major requirements. RUP Students taking other senior POLS classes not listed in section B6 will require the normal prerequisite(s). Students are responsible for approaching the Department of Political Studies for a prerequisite waiver for POLS 112.3.

If an instructor has made any of their syllabi publicly available, you will be able to find it through the university’s Open CourseWare site.

Academic Advising

For any questions regarding the Political Studies undergraduate program, please contact Dr. Joe Garcea at or at 306-966-5222.
For any questions regarding the International Studies undergraduate program, please contact Dr. Colleen Bell at or at 306-966-5226.

Students can declare their major through PAWS under the Arts & Science channel.

Students can find this information in DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks is a degree audit service for students and advisors available through PAWS. The degree audit is a listing of classes completed and classes required for a student’s current program and calendar year and will display the following:

  • Student and program information;
  • Courses and requirements outstanding and fulfilled;
  • Approximate progress in program based on requirements fulfilled;
  • Credit Units required and obtained;
  • Student marks;
  • Course exceptions;
  • Course equivalents;
  • Advisor notes;
  • Insufficient and repeated classes.
  • Extra Courses

DegreeWorks will provide students and advisors the following planning features and functions:

  • A ‘What-If?’ feature that allows students and advisors to see how classes taken would fit into another program;
  • A ‘Look Ahead’ feature, allowing students and advisors to see which requirements may be satisfied by taking particular courses;
  • A ‘Planner’ feature, allowing students and advisors to plan a course of study for a term, for a year, or for a complete program.

To access DegreeWorks:

  1. Log into PAWS with your NSID and password;
  2. Click the Academics tab;
  3. Locate the My Academic Profile channel;
  4. Click the DegreeWorks button or link.

In order to graduate, students must satisfy all program requirements for their selected degree and achieve a minimum CWA of 60% overall and 62.5% in their major. For Honours programs, students must achieve a minimum CWA of 70% overall and in their major.

Once students finalize their registration for their final year, they should request a Graduation Check so an academic advisor can confirm that all graduation requirements will be satisfied by the convocation date.

Graduation check forms are available online or students can request them at the Undergraduate Student Office.

Deadlines to submit graduation checks:

  • June 15th for Fall Convocation
  • November 15th for Spring Convocation

Students must apply to graduate to receive their degree. Deadlines:

  • August 31st for Fall Convocation
  • March 31st for Spring Convocation


Students who would like more information on POLS 383 and POLS 384 should download the following document, which also includes the application form and instructions for submission.

Graduate Students

To be eligible to apply, individuals must have a four-year honours degree, or equivalent, from a recognized college or university in an academic discipline relevant to the proposed field of study. Applicants must also have a minimum Cumulative Weighted Average of 70% for the last two years of undergraduate study (e.g. 60 credit units).

Proof of English language proficiency may be required for international applicants and for applicants whose first language is not English. For more information, please visit the following link.
Students who would like to apply for the Master’s program in Political Studies can find step-by-step instructions here.

No, it is not necessary to find a potential supervisor before you begin an application. However, applicants may wish to learn about the research interests of our faculty.

There is no January admission.

The Department of Political Studies offers thesis-based and project-based master’s degree programs.

The thesis program requires 4 courses and a 75-page thesis. The project program requires 6 courses and a 35-40 page major research paper.

The Graduate Committee begins reviewing applications immediately after the applications deadline.  While review time is based on the number of applications received, we aim to inform candidates of admission decisions as quickly as possible.