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Lee Wilson

Chemistry Weekly Seminar - Lee Wilson, University of Saskatchewan

Lee Wilson, Professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan, will present a seminar at 1:30 pm in Thorvaldson 159.



Chitosan-based biocomposites for applications from unique adsorbents to promising carrier systems: An overview of recent sabbatical research


Biopolymers represent an emerging class of platform biomaterials that serve to address sustainability (versus synthetic polymers) for a broad range of scientific problems and technological applications. In particular, chitin-based biopolymers such as chitosan are of ongoing research interest due to the synthetic versatility, along with the unique physico-chemical and biological properties of these systems. My presentation will highlight recent research progress from my group that focuses on chitosan-based biocomposites and their sorption-based phenomena in several areas of current interest that contribute to sustainable chemistry:

  • Fractionation or removal of chemical species for aqueous media;
  • Capture and release of oxyanion nutrients relevant to agriculture and food chemistry; and
  • Carrier systems for molecular cargo (e.g., pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals).