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So many books to choose from! Photo by Wilson Hui (Calgary, Canada)

A Bumper Crop of Books!

MFA in Writing students and graduates are publishing a rich array of work.


Over the past couple of years, the MFA in Writing students and graduates have been publishing up a storm! Many of these books began as MFA theses.

Congratulations to the authors!

Allie McFarland

Disappearing in Reverse (University of Calgary Press)

Pretty Delicate (AOS)

Image title Image title

Sarah Ens

The World is Mostly Sky: Poetry (Turnstone Press)

Flyway (Turnstone Press)

Image title Image title

dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Danceland Diary (Radiant Press)

Bread and Water: Essays (University of Regina Press)

Among the Untamed (Frontenac House)

Image title Image title Image title

Sarah Taggart

Pacifique (Coach House Books)

Image title

Katherine Lawrence

Black Umbrella: Poetry (Turnstone Press)

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Gayle Smith

Thickwood (Shadowpaw Press)

Image title

Tea Gerbeza (forthcoming)

How I Bend into More: Poetry (Palimpsest Press; Anstruther Books imprint)

Image title
Photo of Tea Gerbeza. Photo credit Christopher Borshowa.

Patrick O'Reilly

A Collapsible Newfoundland (Frog Hollow Press)

Image title

Nicole Haldoupis

Tiny Ruins (Radiant Press)

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