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Philosophy in the Community: Fame, Heroes, Memory and the Stories We Tell.

Philosophy in the Community: Fame, Heroes, Memory, and the Stories We Tell

A free, public lecture by philosophy professor Leslie Howe


Philosophy in the Community is a free lecture and discussion series sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. Learn more about Philosophy in the Community

Date: Friday, Jan. 13
Time: 7 pm
Location: The Refinery, 609 Dufferin Ave, Saskatoon

Free and open to the public. 

About this event

Philosophy professor Leslie Howe will be leading the discussion, "Fame, Heroes, Memory, and the Stories We Tell." 

The heroes of the past sought fame as a means of securing both personal glory and an enduring place in history. We can understand this quest for narrative immortality as a manifestation of the human existential struggle for permanence of identity against the oblivion of time and memory. It can also be an attempt to assert agency into a future in which one no longer participates. This talk explores some of the motivations for fame and recognition, as well as its futility.


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