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Mahesh Gangishetty

Chemistry Weekly Seminar - Mahesh Gangishetty, Mississippi State University

Mahesh Gangishetty, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Mississippi State University will present a seminar at 1:30 pm in Thorvaldson 159.



Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Metal- Halides for Light-Emitting Applications


Organic-inorganic hybrid metal halides, such as lead halide perovskites and their cousins, are some of the most promising materials for light-emitting applications. Although they have been known since the 1970s, they were not used in light-emitting devices (LEDs) until recent years. Due to their flexible lattice, their composition and electronic dimensionality are easily tunable. Consequently, desirable emission colors with narrow to broadband emission can be achieved, and corresponding LEDs show great promise for display and lighting applications. Our group is working on developing efficient LEDs through the fundamental understanding of structure-property relations in hybrid metal halides. We use a variety of spectroscopy techniques and engineer various types of devices to study their optical and electronic properties. In this presentation, I will discuss two active research areas of my group: 1) developing efficient blue perovskite LEDs through the understanding of interfacial interactions, charge leakage dynamics, and metal ion doping, and 2) understanding the origin of broadband emission in low dimensional metal halides and empowering organic A-site ions to improve their electronic conductivity.  

Date:    Friday, March 15

Time:    1:30 pm

Place:    Thorvaldson 159

Note:    Dr. Gangishetty will join remotely.