Awards and Scholarships

Patricia Currie Award

$1000. Open to female continuing students enrolled at USask who have completed at least two years towards their four year Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Chemistry. Selection is based on demonstrated involvement in extra-curricular activities, particularly those that contribute to the quality of campus life, such as involvement in student societies, volunteerism, and peer tutoring/mentoring.

Wilma E. Elias Scholarship for Women in Chemistry

$9000. Up to 2 awards annually will be made to female Chemistry graduate students based on academic achievement and other eligibility requirements as determined by the award committee. 

Additional graduate scholarships are available through USask (click here). Use search terms such as "Indigenous" or "women" to constrain your search.

Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and Harrassment Prevention Services (DHPS)


The Department of Chemistry is committed to providing accessible learning environments. Accommodations for individual courses can be arranged through Access and Equity Services (AES)The EDI Committee will work with students and AES as required to address program-wide accessibility concerns.

Resources for Teaching and Research

Carleton University EDI teaching toolkit

RASI EDI in grant applications guide

U Sherbrooke resources for EDI in research has resources on many topics including grant writing, creating inclusive research groups, and learning about the need for EDI in research.

Chemical Institute of Canada Working for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (WIDE)

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity has numerous workshops and resources to improve research and teaching, including several dedicated to EDI. Purchase a membership or advocate for the university to purchase one.

Groups and Resources