Chemistry 112/115/250 Registration Problems?

The Department of Chemistry, including all instructors and staff, does not process overrides for lecture and lab spots. All registrations must be done through available lecture and lab spots on PAWS. Due to safety regulations, there are a fixed number of lab spots for each chemistry course. A chemistry course has reached maximum capacity when all lab spots have been filled, even though there may be available lectures spots listed on PAWS. Once a chemistry course has reached maximum capacity, no overrides can be given for either a lab or a lecture spot since this will result in breaking safety regulations.

If you qualify for a lab exemption, please contact the appropriate lab manager for the course (Chem 112/115 - and Chem 250/255 (

Students wishing to register must check PAWS regularly to see if any spots open up. It is common that other students decide to switch labs and/or drop the course in the first few weeks, and you are advised to continue checking PAWS in order to find a spot that may become available.

If your schedule is more flexible, you may try to register for either Term 1 or 2 or spring/summer offerings (summer offerings usually become available in February).

The deadlines for students to add classes are September 19, 2023 (Term 1) and January 16, 2024 (Term 2), so there is plenty of time to register if spaces become available. Remember to check PAWS often!

Prerequisites for Chemistry 112

The prerequisites for Chemistry 112 are Chemistry 30 or Chemistry 90 or Chemistry 100 and (Mathematics B30 or Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30). Prerequisites and corequisites have been established by the college after thorough examination of courses and programs. Therefore, a prerequisite will normally be waived only if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified. Please see the following sites for information about taking Chemistry 30 by night classes or cyber school:

If you have an identifiable equivalent learning experience that you would like to have considered by the course coordinator, please submit a prerequisite waiver request here.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

Students taking chemistry as a major degree generally include Chem 112, Chem 115 and Chem 250 in their first year along with courses in physics, math and biology. A combination of Chem 112 and Chem 250 is recommended for students who intend to take programs in Life and Health sciences that do not require large amounts of chemistry while students in Engineering take Chem 142 and Chem 146.

Second year courses introduce students to the core chemistry subjects of analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical Chemistry.

Third and fourth year courses provide students with an opportunity to develop advanced specialization in a variety of different fields. Research courses are also available to students.

A list of courses offerings can be found below, and we recommend that you view or download the prerequisite flowchart  for chemistry courses. You can link to more information for each course from the flowchart as well as from the list below. If you do not have the prerequisite for Chem 112, which is Chem 30, please see the  Chem 112 Information page.

2024 - 2025 Courses

Course Course Title offered in 2024/25 Term 1 offered in 2024/25 Term 2

100 Level Chemistry Courses

CHEM 100.3

Problem Solving Foundations for University Chemistry


CHEM 112.3

General Chemistry I Structure, Bonding and Properties of Materials

CHEM 115.3 General Chemistry II Chemical Processes
CHEM 142.1 Global Impact of Chemistry for Engineering
CHEM 146.3 General Chemistry for Engineering
200 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 221.3 Analytical Chemistry I
CHEM 231.3 Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 242.3 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHEM 250.3 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHEM 255.3 Bio Organic Chemistry
300 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 322.3 Analytical Chemistry II  
CHEM 332.3 Inorganic Chemistry II  
CHEM 334.3 Materials Chemistry*  
CHEM 344.3 Introductory Chemical Quantum Mechanics  
CHEM 353.3 Organic Structure Analysis  
CHEM 354.3 Physical Organic Chemistry*  
CHEM 369.3 Synthetic Chemistry Practicum*  
CHEM 375.3 Environmental Chemistry  
CHEM 377.3 Industrial Chemistry  
CHEM 380.3 3rd Year Research
CHEM 398.3 Special Topics  
400 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 402.0 Seminar
CHEM 420.3 Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry  
CHEM 430.3 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 435.3 Chemical Applications of Group Theory*  
CHEM 439.3 Organometallic Chemistry*  
CHEM 440.3 Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry  
CHEM 450.3 Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 479.3 Polymer Chemistry*
CHEM 482.3 4th Year Research
CHEM 483.6 4th Year Research  
*Course is typically offered every other year.