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Dimensions in Diversity keynote: Walking the Path to Indigenization

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Dimensions in Diversity keynote: Walking the Path to Indigenization

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Dimensions in Diversity is a seminar series that is a joint initiative of the Office of the Vice-Dean Indigenous and the Office of the Vice-Dean Faculty Relations in the College of Arts and Science.

Dimensions in Diversity provides an opportunity for College of Arts and Science faculty, staff and administrators to access and participate in education, discussion and allyship with the goals of:

  • increasing knowledge of barriers to equity, and education for change
  • building cross-cultural allies
  • working towards better knowledge of Indigenous perspectives and experiences, systemic racism in the academy, unconscious biases to underrepresented groups, i.e. women, Indigenous people, People of Color, differently abled, and diversity.


  • to open the dialogue around diversity, inclusion, and equity among colleagues in a collegial forum
  • to create a safe environment where participants can ask questions, feel comfortable discussing difficult topics, and explore controversial issues
  • to invite people to join the conversation and expand their understanding of Social Justice issues facing us in our everyday lives

These seminars are not mandatory, but rather encouraged among the A&S community.

Seminars will be offered for four different cohorts:

  • Staff
  • Assistant Professors
  • Associate & Full Professors together
  • Administration

The purpose for separation is to encourage dialogue in safe spaces and the hope is to eliminate power dynamics among groups as much as possible. Some seminars will be combined for keynote speakers or movies which apply to all groups. However, there will be breakout discussion sessions at different times pertaining to the larger event.


  • Each session is 90 minutes in length
  • Sessions will be hosted online by Vice-Dean Indigenous Dr. Angela Jaime (PhD) and by guest facilitators
  • Discussions will focus around materials such as short videos or readings
  • Participants can register for a single session and do not need to register for the full series. Multiple date options are given for some seminars

Dates and Registration

Keynote by Francisco Rios: Taking an Anti-Oppressive Stance in Education

Dr. Rios is a professor in the College of Education at Western Washington University (WWU), former dean of the Woodring College of Education at WWU and past president of the National Association for Multicultural Education.

Dr. Rio's event presentation

Topic: Dimensions in Diversity - Walking the Path to Indigenization with Stryker Calvez, PhD

Meeting Recording:

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Dr. Angela M. Jaime (PhD), Vice-Dean Indigenous

Dr. Valerie J. Korinek (PhD), Vice-Dean Faculty Relations