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The Department of Chemistry and the University of Saskatchewan offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate student programs, coupled with research opportunities spanning all the major sub-disciplines of chemistry as well as a number of emerging interdisciplinary areas. We invite you to browse our website and welcome inquires for further information.

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Chemistry 112/114/115/250 registration problems?

The Department of Chemistry, including all instructors and staff, does not process overrides for lecture and lab spots. All registrations must be done through available lecture and lab spots on PAWS.  Due to safety regulations, there are a fixed number of lab spots for each chemistry course. A chemistry course has reached maximum capacity when all lab spots have been filled, even though there may be available lecture spots listed on PAWS. Once a chemistry course has reached maximum capacity, no overrides can be given for either a lab or a lecture spot since this will result in breaking safety regulations.

The lab sections listed as Departmental Approval Required are ONLY open to students who are repeating the course and qualify for a lab exemption. If you qualify for a lab exemption, please contact the appropriate lab manager for the course (Chem112/114/115 - firstyear.chem@usask.ca and Chem250/255 - marcelo.sales@usask.ca).

Students wishing to register must check PAWS regularly to see if any spots open up. It is common that other students decide to switch labs and/or drop the course in the first few weeks, and you are advised to continue checking PAWS in order to find a spot that may become available.

If your schedule is more flexible, you may try to register for either Term 1 or 2 or spring/summer offerings (summer offerings usually become available around early March).

The deadlines for students to add classes are September 18, 2018 (Term 1) and January 16, 2019 (Term 2), so there is plenty of time to register if spaces become available. Remember to check PAWS often!

Prerequisites for Chemistry 112

The prerequisites for Chem 112 are Chemistry 30 and (Mathematics B30 or Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30).  Prerequisites and corequisites have been established by the college after thorough examination of courses and programs. Therefore, a prerequisite will normally be waived only if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified. Please see the following sites for information about taking Chemistry 30 by night classes or cyber school:

If you have an identifiable equivalent learning experience that you would like to have considered by the course coordinator, please fill out a Prerequisite and Corequisite Waiver/Substitution Form form, and drop it off at the Chemistry Office (Thorvaldson Building, Room 165).

Aboriginal students may be interested in Chem 112 preparatory opportunities offered through the College of Arts & Science, Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) Learning Communities.  For more information, please see ASAP's STEM Accelerator Courses.

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