Chemisty Students' Society (Undergraduate Students)


  • President: Jonathan Nakhleh
  • VP Admin: Nathan Dyck
  • VP Internal: Zoey Johnston
  • VP Finance: Amanda Ferrer
  • VP Academic: Taylor Swistun
  • VP External: Sandra LeBlanc
  • VP Design: Kate Fransoo
  • VP Social: Kripa Grewal
  • EDI/Safety Officer: Shanelle O'Connor
  • 2nd Year Rep: Lane Prime
  • 3rd Year Rep: Karl Ottenbreit
  • 4th Year Rep: Khoushboo Ramiah

The Chemistry Students' Society (CS2) would like to invite you to come and see us. We are located in Thorvaldson 264. Drop us a line at or our discord server at if you have any questions or comments.  Our office hours vary and are posted on the door.

CS2 memberships will provide you with discounts to most of our social events, as well as a place to hang out on campus. Our room has: 

  • A fridge, microwave, and coffee maker
  • An exam file
  • A tutor list
  • Drop-in tutoring during lounge hours
  • Notifications for social events and tutorials 

We sell chemistry clothing, memberships, and lockers.  The prices are as follows:

  • Lockers are $15 for members
  • Membership is $5

Find us on social media!

Chemisty Course Council (Graduate Students)


  • President and Department Meeting Rep:  Ahmad Reza Salehi
  • VP Finance and Safety Committee Rep: Bernd Steiger
  • VP External Operations, EDI Committee Rep, and USASK-WiC Rep:   Vi Phan
  • VP Internal Operations and Graduate Affairs Committee Rep:   Mehrnaz Mikhchian
  • VP Communications:   Deysi Venegas
  • Graduate Students' Association Rep: Nasrin Aliasgharlou
  • Members at Large: Srikant Singh and Tahira Hasan


**Note that the opinions expressed in the documents below are strictly those of the faculty member who designed the presentation and not departmental policy by any means

Chemistry Course Council Bylaws
Creating and Maintaining an Effective Scientific Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Strategies to Make it Better (Dr. Price)
How to Get the Most out of Attending a Scientific Conference (Dr. Palmer)

2023-24 USASK-WIC

(University of Saskatchewan-Working for Inclusivity in Chemical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology)

  • Chair: Tahira Hasan
  • VP Graduate/Postdoc: Mehrnaz Mikhchian
  • VP Undergraduate: Emjay Koller
  • Secretary: Nasrin Aliasgharlou
  • Treasurer: Priyadarshani Disanayaka Mudiyanselage
  • Communication and Social Outreach: Thuy Quynh Giao Nguyen
  • Events Coordinator: Renita D'Souza
  • Industrial Liaison: Anne Targino-Bonatto
  • Seminar Series Coordinator: Farah Mustafa

USASK-WIC Constitution