2020-21 Chemisty Students' Society (Undergraduate Students)

President: Liam Newman

VP Internal: David Chukwu

VP Finance: Abigail Unrau

VP External: Grace Flaman and Manahil Arshad

VP Academic: Mario Proulx

4th Year Rep: Nicole Boyle

3rd Year Rep: Cindy Li

Member at Large: Richard Granger

2020-21 Chemisty Course Council (Graduate Students)

President: Alfred Yeboah

Secretary: Srikant Singh

Treasuer: Maryam Alyari

Public Relations Officer: Claudia De Avila Braga

Department Meeting Representative: Doug Fansher

Graduate Students' Association Representative: Iyanu Kumayon

Safety Committee Representative: Ruhisha

Graduate Affairs Committee Representative: Stephen Awuku

Women in Chemistry Representative: Hillary Mehlhorn

Members at Large: TBD


**Note that the opinions expressed in the documents below are strictly those of the faculty member who designed the presentation and not departmental policy by any means

Chemistry Course Council Constitution
Creating and Maintaining an Effective Scientific Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Strategies to Make it Better (Dr. Price)
How to Get the Most out of Attending a Scientific Conference (Dr. Palmer)