Group Advising

Group Advising

The College of Arts and Science is offering group academic advising sessions to all first-year and incoming students. Group advising is an opportunity for students to get information about picking classes, learn how to navigate degree requirements, and learn about a wide range of supports and resources. An Academic Advisor from the Undergraduate Student Office leads each session, so be sure to bring any questions you may have. Sessions are available in-person and online throughout the summer.

Tailored Sessions

This summer we are offering a limited number of tailored sessions for popular pathways through the College of Arts and Science.

Pre-Nursing sessions are led by advisors from both the College of Nursing as well as Arts and Science and will cover the intricacies of the pre-professional year of Nursing.

Biomedical Sciences (BMSC) sessions are led by advisors from the department and the college. If you’re interested in these pathways but cannot make these sessions, you should still attend a general offering!