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Fri February 23, 2024

Today's Events

No events scheduled today

Ongoing Events

Human Capital

Jan 19 - Apr 19, 2024

An exhibition offering insight into the impact of Canada’s immigration policies and history


Jan 26 - Apr 19, 2024

Examining the artistic career of Wynona Mulcaster (1915-2016) through a survey of landscape paintings

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Upcoming Events

The Saskatoon Berry Jam

Feb 26 - Mar 8, 2024

A collaborative exhibition that combines Indigenous artists, music, micro-art and acts of giving.

The Saskatoon Berry Jam: Lunchtime Potlach

Feb 26, 2024

An opening reception in the form of a lunchtime potlach for the collaborative Saskatoon Berry Jam exhibition, featuring a talk by Mary Longman

The Saskatoon Berry Jam: Makers' Circles

Feb 26 - Mar 2, 2024

Students, employees and members of the public are invited to create micro-art Saskatoon Berries

Arts and Science Celebrating Black Experiences: Arts, Literature and More

Feb 27, 2024

An online panel discussion featuring College of Arts and Science students and alumni

Global Café: Saskatchewan—What the World Needs

Feb 27, 2024

A talk presented with the Saskatchewan International Trade and Economic Development Office

Literature Matters: The Star Trek Franchise and the Influence of Earthly Politics

Feb 28, 2024

A talk by Laura Fraser, graduate student in the Department of English

Saskatchewan High School Ethics Bowl

Mar 2, 2024

Teams of high school students are invited to examine and discuss ethical issues

The Saskatoon Berry Jam: the Concert

Mar 4, 2024

Knowledge Keeper Joseph Naytowhow is leading a lunchtime "jam" concert

Molecular recognition of ice by proteins: from ice nucleation to antifreeze

Mar 7, 2024

A public talk in the annual Spinks Lecture Series

Democratic Backsliding and Diversity-Oriented Federal Models

Mar 8, 2024

Arjun Tremblay (University of Regina) will be presenting this talk in the Political Studies Speaker Series

Global Café: Meeting ‘Glocal' Challenges—Canada’s Responsibilities in a Chaotic World

Mar 8, 2024

A talk by Jonathan Pedneault, co-leader of the Green Party of Canada

Towards the elucidation of the mechanisms of synthesis of zeolites

Mar 8, 2024

A scientific seminar in the annual Spinks Lecture Series

What Is the Anthropocene? Philosophical Perspectives

Mar 8, 2024

A Philosophy in the Community talk by Dr. Pierre-Francois Noppen (PhD), faculty member in the Department of Philosophy

Queering as Community: Making Space in the Classroom

Mar 9, 2024

A conference celebrating the power of queerness in building inclusive communities

Leveraging Water for Peace

Mar 14, 2024

Lecture 3 of the Women Plus Water Lecture Series

Medieval Wonders: Maps, Manuscripts and Beasts

Mar 14, 2024

An exhibition of original and reproduction manuscripts of the Middle Ages

Timlin Public Lecture in Economics: From the Rail to Wall Street

Mar 14, 2024

Timlin Lecturer professor Daniel Trefler (PhD), of the University of Toronto, will be addressing the impacts of AI on Wall Street

USask Wind Orchestra: Northern Reflections

Mar 15, 2024

A performance of works by Canadian composers

Timlin Lecture in Political Studies: Roots, Routes, and Reckonings

Mar 18, 2024

Dr. Debra Thompson (McGill University) will be presenting, "Roots, Routes, and Reckonings: On Blackness and Belonging in North America"

Greystone Theatre: Metamorphosis

Mar 20-23, 2024

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning, he found himself transformed into a gigantic insect

Literature Matters: Caribbean Literature and the Blues: Using Music to Read Migration

Mar 20, 2024

A free talk by Jay Rajiva, faculty member in the Department of English