Loleen Berdahl

Public Perceptions of Saskatchewan’s Nuclear Industry

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Dr. Loleen Berdahl‘s research focuses on Canadian federalism and regionalism, public policy, and public opinions regarding Canadian political issues.

One of Dr. Berdahl’s current research projects examines the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan and has received funding from the Sylvia Fedoruk Centre for Nuclear Innovation located in Saskatoon. In fall of 2013, Dr. Berdahl along with co-investigators Dr. Scott Bell, Department of Geography and Planning, and Dr. Maureen Bourassa, Edwards School of Business, will use the Survey and Group Analysis Laboratory (SGAL) in the Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) at the University of Saskatchewan to survey Saskatchewan residents about attitudes and issues regarding the nuclear policy issues in the province. Dr. Berdahl and her colleagues will investigate how knowledge, geography and other factors shape attitudes towards nuclear issues.

Dr. Berdahl is the Project Leader for the SGAL at the SSRL, an innovative social science research facility housed at the U of S. In 2012, under Dr. Berdahl’s direction, SGAL carried out the interdisciplinary research project “Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan 2012,” which brought together 32 social science faculty members. The research project examined a variety of themes and topics, including: Aboriginal issues; health, wellbeing and Saskatchewan families; moral issues; immigration and diversity; crime and public safety; Saskatchewan’s economy; and sustainable resource development.