Lindsey Banco

The Impact of the Nuclear Era in American Literature

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Dr. Lindsey Banco is an assistant professor with the Department of English at the University of Saskatchewan. His central research area is 20th-century American literature and culture and incorporates scientific studies in some of his work.

Dr. Banco’s current research focuses on postmodernism, particularly how society changed following the Second World War and the rise of the US as a superpower. Specifically, Dr. Banco is writing a book about representations of the Manhattan Project and its technical director, American theoretical physicist Robert Oppenheimer, in various media, such as literature, film and atomic history museums. Dr. Banco has found Oppenheimer to be a polarizing postmodern figure, celebrated by some for his contributions to American science and technology and vilified by others for his role in bringing about terrible new weapons. Always interested in science, Dr. Banco is studying what nuclear weapons have come to mean in the world and the legacy of the atomic bomb.

Banco is also author of the 2009 book Travel and Drugs in Twentieth-Century Literature.