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Valerie J. Korinek PhD (Toronto), MA (Toronto), B.A Hons. (University of Toronto at Mississauga)


Faculty Member in History

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Research Area(s)

  • Canadian cultural history with a strong emphasis on popular culture, media, and print culture
  • gender and social history
  • food history
  • histories of sexuality
  • same sex marriage and transnational analysis of marriage legislation
  • queer histories, prairie gay and lesbian communities
  • western Canadian history

About me

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Interview: Greg Marchildon, Champlain Society “Witness to History” Podcast Series:

Story: Falen Johnson for The Secret Life of Canada CBC Podcast: “Prairie Pride: How Winnipeg became a hub of queer history”:



V.J. Korinek, 2018.  Prairie Fairies: A History of Queer Communities and Peoples in Western Canada, 1930-1985. University of Toronto Press. Awarded CCWH English Language Book Prize in Women’s and Gender History (2020); Canadian Studies Network Best Book in Canadian Studies (2019); Canadian Historical Association Clio Prize for Prairie Region Best Book Award (2019); Saskatchewan Book Awards, Jennifer Welsh Scholarly Writing Award (2019).

F. Iacovetta, V.J. Korinek & M. Epp, editors. 2012. Edible Histories, Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History. University of Toronto Press.

Jarvis Brownlie & V.J. Korinek, editors. 2012.  Finding a Way to the Heart: Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women's History in Canada.  University of Manitoba Press.

V.J. Korinek, 2000. Roughing It in the Suburbs: Reading Chatelaine Magazine in the Fifties and Sixties. University of Toronto Press. Awarded the Laura Jamieson Prize, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, 2001, for "Best feminist book by a Canadian author."


Articles and Book Chapters:

V.J. Korinek, 2019. "'Bachelor Girl Farmers’ and the Queer Challenges to Western Heteronormativity” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Accepted June 14, 2019.

V.J. Korinek, 2018. “'Locating Lesbians, Finding ‘Gay Women’, Writing Queer Histories: Reflections on Oral Histories, Identity, and Community Memory” in K. Srigley, S. Zembrzycki & F. Iacovetta, eds. Beyond Women’s Words: Feminisms and the Practices of Oral History in the 21st Century (London: Routledge, 2018).

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V.J. Korinek, 2012.  "'Meat Stinks/Eat Beef Dyke!': Coming out as a Vegetarian in the Prairies," in Iacovetta, Korinek & Epp, eds. Edible HIstories, Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 445-478 (available Dec 2012).

V.J. Korinek, 2012.  "Daring to Write a History of Western Canadian Women's Experiences: Assessing Sylvia Van Kirk's Feminist Scholarship" in R.J. Brownlie and V.J. Korinek, eds.  Finding A Way to the Heart Winnipeg: U of Manitoba Press, pp. 49-64.

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V.J. Korinek, 2009.  "Mrs. Chatelaine' vs. 'Mrs. Slob': Contestants, Correspondants, and the Chatelaine Community in Action, 1961-1969" in Daniel J. Robinson, ed.  Communication History in Canada.  2nd edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

V.J. Korinek, 2008.  "Passion is Political: An Analysis of Martha Vicinus' Intimate Friends: Women Who Loved Women 1778-1928" Journal of Women's History (edited by Jean Allman and Antoinette Burton, Johns Hopkins University Press).  Volume 20 No. 4, 151-155.

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K. Mitchell, PhD Candidate, Thesis Title: “A Legal history of marriage evolution in Canada: 1950-2000”. In progress.

C. Klein, PhD Candidate, Thesis Title: “’Lacking a Lady, One Makes Do’: The History of Sexuality in the Canadian Prairies, 1890-1945”. In progress.



K. Mitchell, M.A. “Fertile Clay:  Beth Hone, Spiritual Feminism, and Women’s Transnational Activism in SK, 1970-2000”. 2020

K. Gibbons, MA. ‘Even the Youngest Can Help’: The First World War, Girls and the Junior Red Cross in Western Canada. 2020

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S. Crosson. PhD. Searching for May Maxwell: Baha'i Millenial Feminism, Transformative Identity and Globalism in the New World Order, 1898-1940. 2013

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Canadian culture food studies gender popular culture prairie sexuality social justice


My current SSHRC funded research project, Love + Litigation = Marriage: Canadian Same-Sex Marriage and Its International Implications explores the legal, social and cultural implications of changing family and marriage laws that extended marriage rights to queer couples. In particular, my research seeks to historicize how changing Canadian laws contributed to a succession of international same-sex marriage acquisition lawsuits and advocacy in a variety of different national contexts, including: England, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United States.

I currently supervise these doctoral reading fields: Canadian history since 1700; post-Confederation Canada; and Comparative Gender and Sexuality.