Picture of Terence Clark

Terence Clark

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member in Anthropology
Graduate Supervisor in Anthropology

Archaeology 222

Research Area(s)

  • Northwest Coast Archaeology
  • Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers
  • Computational Archaeology
  • Landscape Archaeology



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Journal Articles and Book Chapters 

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Archaeology and Reconciliation Community based archaeology Computational Archaeology Landscape Archaeology Northwest Coast

Dr. Clark is the director of the shìshàlh Archaeological Research Project (sARP), a community-based collaboration of the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Toronto, and the shìshàlh Nation. This project looks at long-term resource use, status inequality, mortuary practices, settlement patterns, territoriality, and ritual within shíshálh lands.

Education & Training

BA University of Victoria 1996; MA University of Victoria 2000; PhD University of Toronto 2010