Picture of Saeed Moshiri

Saeed Moshiri PhD, 1997


STM Faculty Member in Economics

St. Thomas More 222

Research Area(s)

  • Energy and Macroeconomic Performance
  • Technological Changes, Innovation, and Productivity
  • Macroeconomics
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Environmental Economics


Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Azargohar R., Hassanpour E., Dalai, A. Moshiri, S. "Agri-pellets as alternative fuels for coal-fired power plants in Canada". International Journal of Energy Sector Management 16, 1 (2021)
  • Abdolshah F., Moshiri S., Worthington A. "Macroeconomic Shocks and Credit Risk Stress Testing the Iranian Banking Sector". Journal of Economic Studies 48, 2 (2021)
  • Entezarkheir, M., Moshiri, S. "Innovation Spillover and Merger Decisions". Empirical Economics 61, 5 (2021)
  • Moshiri, S. "Consumer Responses to Price and Non-Price Gasoline Price Policies". Energy Policy 137 (2020)
  • Moshiri, S, Daneshmand, A. "How Effective is Government Spending on Environmental Protection in a Developing Country? An Empirical Evidence from Iran". Journal of Economic Studies (2020)
  • Moshiri, S, M. Bakhshi Moghaddam. "The Effects of Oil Price Shocks in a Federation; The Case of Interregional Trade and Labour Migration". Energy Economics 75 (2018): 206-221.
  • Entezarkheir, M., Moshiri, S. "Is Innovation a Factor in Merger Decision? Evidence from a Panel of US Firms". Empirical Economics (2018)
  • Moshiri, S. "Trade and Labour Migration Effects on the Oil-Macroeconomy Relationship". Energy Forum 3Q (2018)
  • Saeed Moshiri, Miguel Martinez Santillan. "Welfare Effects of Energy Price Changes due to Energy Market Reform in Mexico". Energy Policy, 113 (2018): 663-672.
  • Entezarkeir, M. , Moshiri, S. "Mergers and Innovation, Evidence from a Panel of U.S. Firms". Economics of Innovation and New Technology (2017)
  • Moshiri, S. "Rebound Effects in Passenger Car Transportation in Canada". Ecological Economics 31 (2017): 330-341.
  • Moshiri, S. "ICT and Spillover Effects on Productivity". Journal of Innovation and New Technology 25, 8 (2016)
  • Moshiri, S, Stefan Lechtenbohmer. Sustainable Energy Strategy for Iran. Germany: Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy, 2015.
  • Moshiri, S. "Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Shocks in Oil-Exporting Countries; The Role of Institutions". OPEC Energy Review 39, 2 (2015): 222-246.
  • Moshiri, S. "Changes in Energy Intensity in Canada". The Energy Journal 37, 4 (2015): 315-342.
  • Saeed Moshiri. "The Effects of Energy Price Reform on Household Consumption in Iran". Energy Policy 79 (2015): 177-188.
  • Moshiri, S. "Fossil Fuel Trade in Persian Gulf" In Energy Atlas, Persian Gulf, edited by MERC - BLP. ME: MERC-BLP, UN-Habitat, 2014.
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  • Moshiri, S, . Atabi, M. H. Panjeshahi, and S. Lechtenbohmer. "Long Run Demand for Energy in Iran". International Journal of Energy Sector Management 6, 1 (2012)
  • Moshiri, S, Wayne Simpson. "Information Technology and the Changing Workplace in Canada; Firm Level Evidence". Industrial and Corporate Change 20, 6 (2011): 1601-1636.
  • Moshiri, S, Farhad Maleki. "Testing for Efficiency Wage in Iran". Iranian Economic Review 15, 28 (2011): 53-71.
  • Moshiri, S, Somaieh Nikpour. "International ICT Spillover" In ICTs and Sustainable Solutions for the Digital Divide: Theory and Perspectives, edited by Jacques Steyn, and Graeme Johanson. US: Information Science Reference, 2010.
  • Moshiri, S, Abdella Abdou. "Privatization, Regulation, and Economic Growth in Developing Countries". International Journal of Social Sciences 5, 3 (2010): 70-106.
  • Moshiri, S, Abdela Abdou. "Privatization and Capital Formation in Developing Countries". International Review of Applied Economics 23, 5 (2009): 557-575.
  • Sepehri, A., S. Moshiri, S. Sarma, and W. Simpson. "Taking Account of Context, How Important Are Household Characteristics in Explaining Individual Health Seeking Behaviour? The Case of Vietnam". Health Policy and Planning 1, 11 (2008)
  • Sepehri, A, S. Sarmas, W. Simpson, and S. Moshiri. "How important are individual, household and commune characteristics in explaining inequities in utilization of maternal health services? The case of Vietnam". Social Science and Medicine 67 (2008): 1009-1017.
  • Moshiri, S. "Banking Industry in Manitoba" In Encyclopedia of Manitoba, edited by Gregg Shilliday. Canada: Great Plains Publications, 2007.
  • Moshiri, S, F. Foroutan. "Forecasting Nonlinear Crude Oil Futures Prices". The Energy Journal 27, 4 (2006): 83-98.
  • Gholami, R., Sang-Yong T. L., S. Moshiri. "ICT and Productivity of the Manufacturing Industries in Iran". Electronic Journal of Information systems in Developing Countries 19, 4 (2004): 1-19.
  • Sepehri, A., S. Moshiri. "Inflation-Growth Profiles across Countries: Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries". International Review of Applied Economics 18, 2 (2004): 18-2.
  • Moshiri, S, L. Brown. "Unemployment Variation over the Business Cycles: A Comparison of Forecasting Models". Journal of Forecasting 23 (2004): 495-511.
  • Moshiri, S, N. Kohzadi, and N. Cameron. "Testing for Chaos and Stochastic Non-linearity in Rational Expectation Permanent Income Hypothesis". Iranian Economic Review 6, 6 (2002): 63-78.
  • Sepehri A., Moshiri S., and M. Doudongee. "The Foreign Exchange Constraints to Economic Adjustment: The Case of Iran". International Review of Applied Economics 14, 2 (2000): 235-251.
  • Moshiri, S, Norman Cameron. "ANN versus Econometric Models in Forecasting Inflation". Journal of Forecasting 19 (2000)
  • Moshiri, S, Norman Cameron and David Scuse. "Static, Dynamic, and Hybrid ANN in Forecasting Inflation". Computational Economics 14, 3 (1999): 219-235.
  • Moshiri, S. "Producing Quality Graphs by Econometrics and Statistics Software". Economic Journal 109, 459 (1999): F756-F771.

Teaching & Supervision

ECON 204: Statistical Applications in Social Sciences 

ECON 111: Price Theory and Resource Allocation

ECON 114: Money and Inocome

ECON 277: Economics of Environment

ECON 376: Energy Economics

ECON 898: Energy Economics and Policy

MA Students Supervision:

2012 Sara Hayati

2013 Hossien Taslimi

2014 Ling Chen

2014 Nana Dua

2015 Kamil Aleiv

2015 Migul Martinez Santillan

2015 Mohsen Bakhshi Mogaddam

Selection of Courses Taught (by Year)

  • 2004 - University of Manitoba, Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • 2004 - University of Manitoba, ECON 318: Advanced Macroeconomics
  • 2007 - Time Series Analysis (graduate)
  • 2010 - ECON 204 61: Statistical Applications in Social Sciences
  • 2011 - ECON 114 64: Money and Income
  • 2011 - ECON 376 62: Energy Economics
  • 2013 - ECON 898 62: Graduate Energy Economics
  • 2014 - ECON 277 62: Economcis of Environment
  • 2015 - ECON 277: Economics of Environment
  • 2015 - ECON 898: Energy Economics and Policy
  • 2019 - ECON 214: Macroeconomics


Applied Economics Economic Development Economic Growth Energy Economics Technological Changes

Awards & Honours

  • STM Teaching Excellence Award, awarded by STM College, University of Saskatchewan May 2021
  • Firms’ Performance in a Natural Resource-based Economy, awarded by SSHRC, Productivity Partnership Program July 2017-July 2019
  • Investigation and demonstration of close coupled gasification of novel fuel pellets developed from agricultural residues, awarded by Agricultural Development Fund - Government of Saskatchewan September 2016-September 2019
  • STM Research Grant, awarded by St. Thomas More College- University of Saskatchewan May 2016-May 2018
  • STM Research Grant, awarded by St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan September 2014-September 2015
  • Oil Price Shocks Effects on Economic Performance in Canada, awarded by SSHRC - 4A September 2014-September 2015
  • Heterogeneous Impacts of ICT Investment on Productivity in Canadian Provinces, awarded by SSHRC-4A September 2013-September 2014
  • President's SSHRC Grant, awarded by University of Saskatchewan September 2010-September 2011
  • Re Olley Award for Teaching Excellence, awarded by Department of Economics September 2010-April 2011
  • ICT Investment Effect on Productivity in Canadian Firms, awarded by SSHRC - Statistics Canada September 2006-September 2008