Picture of Robert (Bob) Patrick

Robert (Bob) Patrick PhD (Univ. of Guelph)

Professor and Chair, Regional and Urban Planning Program

Faculty Member in Geography & Planning
Graduate Supervisor in Geography & Planning

Kirk Hall 116

Research Area(s)

  • Source Water Protection Planning
  • Watershed Planning
  • First Nations and Access to Safe Drinking Water
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Urban Water Issues
  • Regional Planning
  • Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change


Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Schultz, J., Baijius, W. and R. Patrick. "Water for Life in Alberta, Canada: Assessing First Nations Engagement". Canadian Planning and Policy Journal 2023 (2023)
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  • Patrick, R. "Indigenous Source Water Protection: Lesssons for Watershed Planning in Canada" In Walking Backwards into the Future, edited by Ryan Walker, David Natcher, Ted Jojola and Tanira Kingi. Toronto, Canada: McGill Queens University Press, 2013.

Teaching & Supervision

Planning Regional Planning Sustainable Cities and Regions Watershed Planning


Warrick Baijius, Ph.D. 2022

Alan Akobundu, MA 2021

Obadiah Awume, MA  2019

Juliane Schultz, MA 2019

Rosalena Smith, MNGD 2018

Carley Coccola, MSEM 2018

Veronica Mauel, MSEM 2018

John Desjarlais, MNGD 2018

Autumn Carlson, MNDG 2017

Michael Dawe, MSEM, 2016

Bronwyn Cowan, MNDG 2016

Janet Daigneault, MNGD 2016

Kellie Grant, MA 2016

Azhar Al Ibrahim, MA. 2015

Warrick Baijius, MA. 2015

Francis Goulet, MNGD 2015

Kelly Richardson, M.SEM. 2015

Kyle Young, M. SEM. 2014

Kurtis Trefry, M.SEM. 2013

Hanyang Wang, MA. 2013

Firas Younes, M. SEM. 2012

Nadine Lemoine, MA. 2012

Jostein Misfeld, M.SEM. 2012

Franny Rawlyk, MA. 2012

Dee Johns, MNGD. 2012

Brittany Morgan, M.SEM. 2011

Jesse Skwaruk, MA. 2011

Emily Heffring, M.SEM. 2010

Selection of Courses Taught (by Year)

  • 2023 - GEOGRAPHY 240
  • 2023 - PLANNING 442


Watershed Planning aboriginal indigenous land use urban water

My research interests include land use and watershed planning, specifically source water protection, to reduce risk of contamination to public drinking water supplies. I work with communities in Canada, especially First Nations, to develop community-based watershed plans and source water protection plans.

Awards & Honours

  • Distinguished Teacher Award, awarded by College of Arts and Science June 2023
  • Teaching Excellence Award, awarded by College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan May 2014
  • U of S Students' Union, awarded by USSU (Nominated) May 2012
  • U of S Students' Union, awarded by USSU (Nominated) November 2009