Picture of Matthew Neufeld

Matthew Neufeld PhD

Associate Professor, FRHistS

Faculty Member in History

Arts 719

Research Area(s)

  • Early modern Britain
  • Early modern Europe
  • War and society
  • War and imperial state formation
  • War and historical memory
  • Peace building
  • Naval and maritime history
  • Healthcare

About me

It's my pleasure to be a historian of early modern Britain and Europe. I aim to foster historical thinking about the connection between the past and the present among my students, and through them to the wider public. I also think that doing history is remarkably fun.

If you would like to read more about my current research, please visit my College of Arts and Science Faculty Research Profile.


Cultural Memory; Naval Medicine Peacemaking Whistle blowing


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Matthew Neufeld, Editor of The Uses of the Past in Early Modern England, a special issue of Huntington Library Quarterly, 76 (2013).

Articles and Book Chapters

Matthew Neufeld and Rachel Hatcher, 'Civil War Stories in Lands of Commanded Forgetting: Restoration England and Late-Twentieth Century El Salvador', in Civil War and Narrative: Testimony, Historiography, Memory, eds. Karine Deslandes, Fabrice Mourlon, Bruno Tribout (Basingstoke, 2017), 191-210.

Matthew Neufeld, 'The Biopolitics of Manning the Royal Navy in Late Stuart England', Journal of British Studies, 56 (2017), 506-531.

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Matthew Neufeld, 'From Peacemaking to Peacebuilding: The multiple endings of England's long civil wars,' American Historical Review, 120 (2015), 1709-1723.
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Teaching & Supervision

Early Modern Britain; Social and Cultural History War in history

I am happy to supervise students wishing to do MA topics in the history of early modern Britain: I would welcome proposals to do doctoral work on aspects of English social and cultural history from 1650 to 1750.

I am currently supervising one MA student; Mr Evan Kratz is exploring Christian-Muslim relations via the experience of EIC chaplains.

I have taught the following postgraduate and undergraduate courses at the U of Saskatchewan:

  • Hist 145.3, War in the Early Modern European World
  • Hist 884.3, Historical Writing
  • Hist 444.3, Social and Cultural History of Early Modern Britain
  • Hist 241.3, Anglobalization: Britain and its Empires, 1700-1950
  • Hist 883.3  Historical Methods
  • Hist 240.3, More than Conquerors: The British Peoples and their World, 1540-1720
  • Hist 397.3, Approaches to History
  • Hist 125.3, Britain and British Empires since Caesar
  • Hist 246.6, The Rise and Fall of Imperial Britain
  • Hist 122.3, Europe in the Age of Mass Culture
  • Hist 498.3, Gender and the Family in Early Modern Britain


early modern Britain early modern Europe healthcare naval and maritime history peace building war war and historical memory war and imperial state formation war and society

My research aims to help us understand and explain some of the important social changes that stemmed from the experience of warfare and state formation in post-Reformation Britain and Europe.

These days I'm researching the transformation of naval health care during a crucial epoch in Britain’s maritime history. By situating early modern naval health care within the dynamic relationship forged between local communities and Britain’s emerging fiscal-military state, the research will explain better the reliance by successive governments on local people to cure sick and hurt mariners. It will also contribute to on-going discussions about the historic relationship of state-sponsored private enterprises and state-directed institutions in the provision of health care services.      

If you would like to watch me talk more about the project "The transformation of naval healthcare in England and its imperium, 1650-1750," please follow this link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZWNdKnwNgo

My subsequent research will investigate the provision and administration of medical care for prisoners of war in Britain between 1689 and 1748.

Awards & Honours

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, awarded by SSHRC of Canada May 2009-April 2011
  • Dissertation Fellowship, awarded by University of Alberta September 2007-July 2008
  • Imrie Travel Award, awarded by University of Alberta Faculty of Graduate Studies January 2005
  • Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Fellowship, awarded by SSHRC of Canada September 2004-August 2007
  • Winston Churchill Travel Award, awarded by University of Alberta April 2004
  • PhD Recruitment Scholarship, awarded by University of Alberta September 2003-August 2004