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Dr. Melanie Morrison BA, MSc, PhD


Faculty Member in Psychology and Health Studies

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Research Area(s)

  • Social Justice
  • Stereotyping
  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination
  • Inequalities
  • Diversity
  • Marginalized Social Groups
  • Psychological Wellness

About me

I investigate forms of bias (the attitudes, behaviours, and psychophysiological reactions) that negatively affect the wellness of marginalized persons and the social groups to which they belong. Much of my research has documented the various forms of prejudice and discrimination harboured by primarily white, heterosexual, cisgender persons. Placing onus on dominant majority group members to effectively confront and reduce the biases that they may witness or enact is a key feature of the research that I, along with my students, conduct in the Saskatchewan Equity, Equality, and Diversity (SEEDLab.

I am currently a Consulting Editor for Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, and an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Homosexuality, Psychology & Sexuality, and the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science. For information about the recent papers and book chapters I have published, please click on the 'more information' option to the right of this screen. For additional information about the SEED Lab, the students I am currently supervising, and the grants that I lead as Principle Investigator or play a more supporting role in as Co-Applicant or Collaborator, please visit the SEED Lab websites at www.research_groups.usask.ca/morrison/ or www.seedlab.ca.  For any other inquiries, I can be reached at: melanie.morrison@usask.ca.  


Aboriginal Discrimination Diversity Gay Gender Minorities Homeless Lesbian Prejudice Privilege Sexual Minorities Sexual Orientation Sexuality Social Justice Stereotyping Transgender Women

RECENT PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES AND CHAPTERS (bold also signifies students under my supervision)

  • Morrison, M.A., Trinder, K.M., & Morrison, T.G. (in press). Affective responses to gay men using facial electromyography:The psychophysiological "look" of anti-gay bias. Journal of Homosexuality.
  • Morrison, M.A., Bishop, C.J., & Morrison, T.G. (in press). Integrative review of the psychometric properties of LGBT prejudice and discrimination scales. Journal of Homosexuality. 
  • McCutcheon, J.M., & Morrison, M.A. (2018). It's "like walking on broken glass:" Pan-Canadian reflections on work-family conflict from Psychology women faculty and graduate students. Feminism & Psychology, 57, 92-100.
  • Morrison, T.G., Morrison, M.A., & McCutcheon, J.M. (2017). Best practice recommendations for using structural equation modelling in psychological research. Psychology, 8, 1326-1341.
  • Williams, D., Nielsen, E-J., Morrison, M.A., & Morrison, T.G. (2017). Challenges to Masculinity in a Feminized Digital Space: Men as Autonomous Online Agents on Pinterest. Qualitative Market Research
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  • Morrison, T.G., Morrison, M.A., Carrigan, M.A., & McDermott, D.T. (2012). Sexual minority research in the new millennium. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Morrison, M.A., & Morrison, T.G. (2008). The psychology of modern prejudice. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Teaching & Supervision

Aboriginal Discrimination Diversity Health Inequalities Indigenous Inequities Prejudice Program Evaluation Sexual Orientation Social Justice Stereotyping Women


Stereotyping; Prejudice; Discrimination

Social Psychology and Diversity

Psychology of Sexual Minorities

Psychology of Women


Human Sexuality

Social Justice



Jessica McCutcheon (PhD Candidate in Applied Social Psychology)

Selena Doyle (2nd Year MA in Applied Social Psychology)

Kandice Parker (2nd Year MA in Applied Social Psychology)

Karissa Wall (2nd Year MA in Applied Social Psychology)

Sydney Cherniawsky (1st Year MA in Applied Social Psychology)

Iloradanon Efimoff (1st Year MA in Applied Social Psychology)

Lorna Beech (Honours Student, Social Psychology)

Bidushy Sadika (Honours Student, Social Psychology; Co-supervision with Todd Morrison)


Aboriginal Discrimination/Bias Diversity Health Homelessness Inclusions Indigenous Inequalities Prejudice Privilege Psychometrics Sexual Orientation Sexuality Social Justice Stereotyping Transgender Women

I conduct research in the areas of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.  I am particularly interested in understanding contemporary forms of prejudice (e.g., modern and aversive forms) and investigating the ways in which these prejudiced attitudes manifest themselves behaviourally and, to some extent, psychophysiologically.  My research has addressed stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination toward a number of social groups; namely, sexual (e.g., gay and lesbian) and gender (e.g., transgender) minorities, as well as women (e.g., career women; single women; career mothers), Aboriginal men and women; overweight men and women, women and men who inject drugs, and homeless men and women.  Alongside my very talented students, I use contemporary theorizing about prejudice to address issues that, to this day, remain less well understood such as the motivations people report for their prejudice and discrimination toward a given social group; how people make sense of their prejudice and discrimination toward the social group in question; and how they justify their prejudice and discrimination on an ongoing basis.  To document and better understand the complex nature of contemporary social bias, I use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.  

Education & Training

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria in 1996, my Master of Science degree from the University of Northern British Columbia in 1998, and my PhD from the University of Ottawa in 2003.