Picture of Mark Meyers

Mark Meyers PhD, Brown University; MA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; BA hons., Northwestern University

Associate Professor

Faculty Member in History

Arts 717

Research Area(s)

  • French intellectual and cultural history
  • History of Gender and Sexuality in France
  • Modernism and Postmodernism
  • History of Fascism
  • Literary, cultural, and feminist theory

About me

Member, Executive Committee of the Society for French Historical Studies (2018-present)

Past Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d'histoire (2012-2015)


My work has appeared in French Historical Studies, Sartre Studies International, the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Cahiers Bataille, H-France Review, the Journal of the Western Society for French History, and in the volume Sexing Political Culture in the History of France (Alison Moore, ed., 2012).  




Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Meyers, M. "Review of _Foucault Against Himself [Foucault contre lui-même]_, directed by François Caillat, DVD, 52 min., Icarus Films, 2014". H-France Review 16, 90 (2016)
  • Meyers, M. "Secret Societies, Animal Mimicry, and the Cultural History of Early French Postmodernism". Journal of the Western Society for French History 42 (2014)
  • Meyers, M. "La virilité et la psychologie des foules dans l'antifascisme de Georges Bataille". Cahiers Bataille, 2 (2014): 77-98, 245-49.
  • Meyers, M. "Gender, Sexuality and Crowd Psychology" In Sexing Political Culture in the History of Modern France, -, edited by Alison M. Moore, 241-272. Amherst NY (USA): Cambria Press, 2012.
  • Meyers, M. "Liminality and the Problem of Being-in-the-world: Reflections on Sartre and Merleau-Ponty". Sartre Studies International 14, 1 (2008): 78-105.
  • Meyers, M. "'Your Brain is No Longer Your Own!': Mass Media, Secular Religion, and Cultural Crisis in Third Republic France". Journal of the Canadian Historical Association 18, 1 (2007): 133-156.
  • Meyers, M. "Feminizing Fascist Men: Crowd Psychology, Gender, and Sexuality in French Antifascism, 1929-1945". French Historical Studies 29, Winter (2006): 109-142.
  • Meyers, M. "Review of _The Cult of Art in Nazi Germany_ by Eric Michaud (Stanford University Press, 2004)". Canadian Journal of History, 40, 3 (2005): 532-534.
  • Meyers, M. "Review of _Deconstruction and the Remainders of Phenomenology: Sartre, Derrida, Foucault, Baudrillard_, by Tilottama Rajan (Stanford University Press, 2002)". Dalhousie Review (2005): 478-479.

Teaching & Supervision

European, Intellectual, Cultural, France, Twentieth-Century, Gender, Sexuality, Fascism, Interdisciplinary, Humanities, first-year

I regularly teach the MA seminar on contemporary historiography as well as undergraduate courses on modern European history, including "Twentieth-Century Europe" and "Exploring Modern European Thought and Culture."  I offer a senior seminar entitled "Fascism, Gender, and Sexuality," and supervise comprehensive fields in European intellectual and cultural history and in European gender and sexuality history.  I also regularly offer a taught-abroad course in Paris as well as an experiential learning course on human rights history in partnership with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  


Cultural History Culture Fascism Feminist Theory France Gender Homosexuality Intellectual History Literature Mass Media Memory Postmodernism Sexuality

I am a specialist in French intellectual and cultural history with a focus on gender and sexuality.  I am currently working on a book manuscript, The Burden of Headlessness: How France Invented Postmodernism and Why It Still Matters, which examines how gendered discourses on the loss of difference in modern mass society shaped mainstream, surrealist, and 'proto-postmodern' reponses to modernity in interwar France.  I have also begun a second project, "The Second Sexuality:  Homosexuality, Literature, and Memory in Postwar France," which explores postwar literary discourse on same-sex relations as an important context in which French society constructed the memory of war, occupation, authoritarianism, and fascism.  All of my work is informed by a longstanding interest in literary, cultural, and feminist theory. 

Education & Training

I hold degrees in History from Northwestern University (BA, hons.), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MA), and Brown University (AM, PhD).  Following my BA, I studied literature and philosophy at the Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III).  While in Paris, I had the privilege of attending the seminar of the philosopher Jacques Derrida as well as courses taught respectively by the historians François Dosse and Roger Chartier.  I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study at UNC with Professor Lloyd Kramer and at Brown with Professor Carolyn Dean, who supervised my work, and with Professors Volker Berghahn, Mary Ann Doane, and Mary Gluck.  At Northwestern, I was deeply influenced by Professors Carolyn Dean, Nancy Fraser, Robert Lerner, Karen Halttunen, David Joravsky, Michael Warner, and especially Dwight Conquergood.  

Awards & Honours

  • Journal of the Canadian Historical Association Prize for the best article in the 2007 print issue, awarded by Canadian Historical Association June 2008
  • New Faculty Graduate Student Support Award, awarded by University of Saskatchewan, College of Graduate Studies and Research July 2007-June 2008
  • Junior Fellowship, awarded by Emory University, Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry September 2005-May 2006
  • Fellowship, 9th Annual Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization, awarded by Holocaust Education Foundation, Northwestern University USA June 2004
  • Fellowship, awarded by Mellon Seminar on History and Literature USA June 1997-July 1997
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship for Study and Research in France, awarded by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs FRA September 1994-May 1995