Picture of Matt Lindsay

Matt Lindsay B.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Graduate Chair, NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Faculty Member in Geological Sciences

Geology 246

Research Area(s)

  • Biogeochemistry of oil sands mine closure landscapes
  • Impacts of mineral transformations on metal(loid) mobility
  • Probabilistic assessment of groundwater flow and contaminant transport
  • Modelling of groundwater flow and geochemistry within a framework of probabilistic approaches that allow for representation of uncertainty, the potential for model equifinality in the interpretation of plume data,and analysis of the implications for plumemigration and remediation


Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Lindsay, MBJ, MC Moncur, JG Bain, JL Jambor, CJ Ptacek, DW Blowes. "Geochemical and mineralogical aspects of sulifde mine tailings". Applied Geochemistry (2015)
  • Moncur, MC, CJ Ptacek, MBJ Lindsay, DW Blowes, JL Jambor. "Long-term mineralogical and geochemical evolution of sulfide mine tailings under a shallow water cover". Applied Geochemistry (2015)
  • Dockrey JW, MBJ Lindsay, KU Mayer, RD Beckie, KLI Norlund, LA Warren and G Southam. "Acidic microenvironments in waste rock characterized by neutral drainage: Bacteria–mineral interactions at sulfide surfaces". Minerals 4 (2014): 170-190.
  • Jones, KL, MBJ Lindsay, R Kipfer and KU Mayer. "Atmospheric noble gases as tracers of biogenic gas dynamics in a shallow unconfined aquifer". Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 128 (2014): 144-157.
  • McDonald CM, WD Gould, MBJ Lindsay, DW Blowes, CJ Ptacek and PD Condon. "Assessing cellulolysis in passive treatment systems for mine drainage: A modified enzyme assay". Journal of Environmental Quality 42 (2013): 48-55.
  • Parviainen, A, MBJ Lindsay, R Perez-Lopez, BD Gibson, CJ Ptacek, DW Blowes and K Loukola-Ruskeeniemi. "Arsenic attenuation mechanisms in tailings at a former Cu-W-As mine, SW Finland". Applied Geochemistry 27, 12 (2012): 2289-2299.
  • Gibson, BD, DW Blowes, MBJ Lindsay and CJ Ptacek. "Anoxic treatment of Se(VI) in groundwater using granular iron and organic carbon". Journal of Hazardous Materials 241-242 (2012): 92-100.
  • Jamieson-Hanes, JH, BD Gibson, MBJ Lindsay, Y Kim, CJ Ptacek and DW Blowes. "Chromium isotope fractionation during reduction of Cr(VI) under saturated flow conditions". Environmental Science and Technology 46, 12 (2012): 6783-6789.
  • Gibson, BD, CJ Ptacek, MBJ Lindsay and DW Blowes. "Examining mechanisms of groundwater Hg(II) treatment by reactive materials: An EXAFS study". Environmental Science and Technology 45, 24 (2011): 10415-10421.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, DW Blowes, PD Condon and CJ Ptacek. "Organic carbon amendments for passive in situ treatment of mine drainage: Field experiments". Applied Geochemistry 26, 7 (2011): 1169-1183.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, DW Blowes, CJ Ptacek and PD Condon. "Transport and attenuation of metal(loid)s in mine tailings amended with organic carbon: Column experiments". Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 125, 1-4 (2011): 26-38.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, KD Wakeman, OF Rowe, BM Grail, CJ Ptacek, DW Blowes and DB Johnson. "Microbiology and geochemistry of mine tailings amended with organic carbon for passive treatment of pore water". Geomicrobiology Journal 28, 3 (2011): 229-241.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, PD Condon, JL Jambor, KG Lear, DW Blowes and CJ Ptacek. "Mineralogical, geochemical, and microbial investigation of a sulfide-rich tailings deposit characterized by neutral drainage". Applied Geochemistry 24, 12 (2009): 2212-2221.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, DW Blowes, PD Condon and CJ Ptacek. "Managing pore-water quality in mine tailings by inducing microbial sulfate reduction". Environmental Science and Technology 43, 18 (2009): 7086-7091.
  • Lindsay, MBJ, CJ Ptacek, DW Blowes and WD Gould. "Zero-valent iron and organic carbon mixtures for remediation of acid mine drainage: Batch experiments". Applied Geochemistry 23, 8 (2008): 2214-2225.

Teaching & Supervision

Selection of Courses Taught (by Year)

  • 2014 - GEOL 108.3: The Earth and How It Works
  • 2014 - GEOL 121.3: Earth Processes
  • 2014 - GEOL 898.3: Groundwater Geochemsitry
  • 2015 - GEOL 108.3: The Earth and How It Works
  • 2015 - GEOL 121.3: Earth Processes
  • 2016 - GEOL 108.3: The Earth and How It Works
  • 2016 - GEOL 121.3: Earth Processes
  • 2016 - GEOL 898.3: Groundwater Geochemistry


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