Picture of Martin Gaal

Martin Gaal Ph.D.


Faculty Member in College of Arts and Science
Faculty Member in Political Studies

Arts 270

Research Area(s)

  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Role of identity and interest as determinants of foreign policy
  • Global Citizenship
  • Canadian Politics
  • European Politics


Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Gaal, M. "Small-n Research: Case Study and Comparative Approaches" In Explorations: conducting empirical research in Canadian political science, 2nd, edited by Archer and Berdahl. Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Teaching & Supervision

Graduate Level Courses

Readings in Contemporary Political Studies (POLS816)

European Public Policy (PO886)

Policy Planning and Evaluation in Northern Communities (POLS828)

International Relations Theory (PO932)

International Public Policy (PO907)

Fundamentals of Dissertations & Research (PO997, LW998)

Undergraduate Level Courses

Democracy in North America (POLS111)

Political Ideas and Change in a Global Era (POLS 112)

Politics of European Integration (PSCI163)

International Cooperation & Conflict (IS200)

Democracy & Development in Latin America (POLS254)

Introduction to International Politics (POLS261)

Foreign Policy Analysis (POLS 298)

The United Nations and Global Governance (POLS 298)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLS326)

Foreign Policy Analysis & Management (PO563)

International Conflict & Cooperation Capstone Seminar (IS401)

International Development Capstone Seminar (IS402)

The UN and Global Governance (POLS 461)


Foreign Policy Analysis Global Governance International Relations Theory Middle Power Foreign Policy Neo-classical Realism The European Union

Education & Training


university of kent – Brussels, Belgium                                                                                           2012


Ph.D. – International Relations


  • Dissertation: “Crusader States: Middle Powers as Ethical Norm Entrepreneurs”


university of kent – Brussels, Belgium                                                                                           2005


M.A. – International Relations


  • Thesis: “Canadian Foreign Policy: IR & Identity”

University of British columbia – Kelowna, BC                                                                          1997


B.A. – International Relations