Larry Stewart B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

History professor emeritus

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Research Area(s)

  • Early modern science
  • Science and technology
  • Gender studies
  • History of human experimentation
  • History of philosophy

About me


"Feedback loop. A Review Essay on the public sphere, pop culture and the early-modern sciences," Canadian Journal of History, 42 (Winter, 2007), 463-483.

"The Element Publicum," in Jene M. Porter and Peter W.B. Phillips, eds., Public Science in Liberal Democracy (Toronto and London: University of Toronto Press, 2007), pp. 23-39.

"Assistants to Enlightenment. William Lewis, Alexander Chisholm and Invisible Technicians in the Industrial Revolution," Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 62 (March, 2008), 17-29.

"Experimental Spaces and the Knowledge Economy," History of Science, 45 (June, 2007), 1-23.

Accepted and in press:

"The Laboratory, the Workshop, and the Theatre of Experiment," in Christine Blondel and Bernadette Bensuade-Vincent, eds. Sciences and Spectacle in European Enlightenment, Ashgate Publishers.

"Measure for Measure: Projectors and the Manufacture of Enlightenment, 1770-1820," in Maximillian Novak, ed., The Age of Projects, University of Toronto Press.


early modern science gender philosophy science technology