Picture of Joyce M. McBeth

Joyce M. McBeth B.Sc. (UBC), M.Sc. (Missouri-Columbia), Ph.D. (Manchester)

Assistant Professor

Adjunct Member in Geological Sciences
Graduate Supervisor in Geological Sciences

Geology 134

Research Area(s)

  • geomicrobiology
  • geochemistry
  • synchrotron tools
  • mine waste
  • microbial mats
  • corrosion
  • redox transformations
  • bacteria

About me

For more information on my research and group, please see my main website: http://research-groups.usask.ca/mcbeth/

My scientific interests:

-redox transformations of metal(loids) in the environment
-relationships of microorganisms to these transformations
-iron-oxidizing and iron-reducing bacteria
-environmental microbiology and the cycling of iron, sulfur, toxic metals, and other elements in environments such as mine-impacted environments, uranium mine tailings, oil sands tailings, wastewater, hydrocarbon contaminated sites, constructed wetland treatment systems, salt marshes, and marine sediments
-using synchrotron methods to image and characterize the chemistry of materials such as microbial mats, contaminated sites, mine wastes, and archaeological materials
-microbiology of steel corrosion
-microbial ecology of microbial mats

Soil and Groundwater Bioremediation
Microbial Ecology
Use of synchrotron tools for applications in the earth sciences

Teaching & Supervision

Selection of Courses Taught (by Year)

  • 2016 - GEOL 898: Advanced microbe-mineral interactions
  • 2016 - GEOL 408: Field School Crystalline Rocks
  • 2016 - GEOL 498: Microbe-mineral interactions
  • 2016 - GEOL 898: Advanced microbe-mineral interactions
  • 2017 - GEOL 108/121: The Earth and How It Works/Earth Processes
  • 2019 - GEOL 350 01: Organic Geochemistry
  • 2019 - GEOL 898 26: Advanced Organic Geochemistry