Picture of Daniel Westlake

Daniel Westlake Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member in Political Studies

Arts 283B

Research Area(s)

  • Canadian Parties and Elections
  • Multiculturalism Policies
  • Populism and Far-Right Parties


Embree, Robert and Daniel Westlake. (2023) "New Voters and Old Voters: Understanding Volatility in Quebecers' Federal Election Votes between 2008 and 2019." Canadian Journal of Political Science. 56(1): 49-71.

Westlake, Daniel. (2022) "Ready or Not? The Strength of NDP Riding Associations and the Rise and Fall of the NDP." Canadian Journal of Political Science. 55(2): 418-443.

Banting, Keith, Daniel Westlake, and Will Kymlicka. (2022). “The Politics of Multiculturalism and Redistribution: Immigration, Accommodation and Solidarity in Diverse Societies.” In Markus Crepaz (Ed.). The Handbook on Migration and Welfare. Cheltenham and Camberley: Edward Elgar.

Pue, Kristen, Daniel Westlake, and Alix Jansen. (2021). “Does the Profit Motive Matter? COVID-19 Prevention and Management in Ontario Long-term Care Homes.Canadian Public Policy. 47(3): 421-438

Westlake, Daniel. (2020). “Following the Right: Left and Right Parties’ Influence Over Multiculturalism.” Canadian Journal of Political Science. 53(1): 171-188. (Winner of the 2021 John McMenemy Prize for best article in the 2020 Canadian Journal of Political Science.)

Banting, Keith, Jack H. Nagel, Chelsea Schafer, and Daniel Westlake. (2019). “Assessing Performance: National versus Regional Patterns.” In Paul J. Quirk (Ed.) The United States and Canada: How Two Democracies Differ and Why it Matters. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Westlake, Daniel. (2018) “Multiculturalism, Political Parties, and the Conflicting Pressures of Ethnic Minorities and Far-Right Parties.Party Politics. 24(4): 421-433. 

Teaching & Supervision

Daniel is currently teaching the following courses:

POLS 111 Democratic Citizenship in Canada (Fall)

POLS 205 Canadian Politics and Society (Winter)

POLS 328 Public Policy Analysis (Winter)

POLS 405/809 Theories of Canadian Governance and Politics: Elections and Parties (Winter)


Daniel's work focuses on Canadian parties and elections as well as multiculturalism policies in Canada and across Western democracies.  He has published on the impact that ethnic minority electoral strength, electoral systems, and far-right parties have had on mainstream party support for multiculturalism.  He has also published on the impact that party support for multiculturalism has on the adoption of multiculturalism policies.  He is currently working on a project examining the rise and fall of the federal NDP between 2004 and 2019.

Education & Training

PhD Political Science (UBC)

MA Political Science (UBC)

BA Political Science (Carleton)