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Carin Holroyd Ph.D.


Graduate Supervisor in Political Studies
Faculty Member in Political Studies

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Research Area(s)

  • National innovation systems
  • Green Growth -- government policies and the promotion of environmental sustainability
  • Political economy of Japan
  • Canadian policies for the promotion of international trade, particularly with East Asia
  • Government policies for northern economic development

About me

Carin Holroyd is an Associate Professor Political Studies and the Chair of the International Studies Program at the University of Saskatchewan. Carin received her Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from the University of British Columbia.  After working in Japan and British Columbia for a few years, she completed a Masters of Science (Japanese Business) from Chaminade University (Hawaii) and Sophia University (Japan).  She subsequently enrolled in the PhD program in Political Science at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, working under the direction of Dr. Alan Simpson, a highly respected New Zealand political scientist.  Her dissertation was entitled “ An Analysis of Canadian, Australia and New Zealand Commercial Relations with Japan, 1985-1997”.

Employment History

Before turning to an academic career, Carin work in Asian business development and international education.  She was the first International Education Officer at the new University of Northern British Columbia.  She then shifted into academic administration, rising to the post of Associate Registrar at UNBC before heading to New Zealand to work on her PhD.  Upon returning to Canada, Carin worked as a sessional lecturer in Business at Bishop’s University and an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business at the University of New Brunswick at Saint John.  Carin accepted a post as Assistant Lecturer in the School of International Education at Kansai-Gaidai University, close to Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.  She returned to Canada, holding a post-doctorate fellowship in the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan before accepting a position as Director of Student Support Services in the Student and Enrollment Services Division, University of Saskatchewan.  Carin worked at the Asia Pacific Foundation in Vancouver and the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo before joining the Department of Political Studies at the University of Waterloo in 2008.  Carin joined the Department of Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan, as an Associate Professor in July 2012.

·         Teaching & Supervision

·         Carin has taught in a variety of areas of business and government. She has taught such business courses as Business-Government Relations,  Asian Business, Japanese Business and Marketing.   At the University of Saskatchewan, she has taught POLS 112 (Political Ideas and Global Change), POLS 346 (Comparative Politics), POLS 341 (Asian Governance and Politics) and IS 200 (Introduction to International Studies).

·         Honours, Awards & Distinctions

·         Carin has held three Social Science and Humanities Research Council research awards, two SSHRC conference grants, three Japan Foundation Awards for research, and a Government of Japan fellowship. Her work has also been supported by Taiwan Economic and Cultural Affairs, the Canada-Japan Trade Council, and the Centre for International Governance Innovation.  She was invited to join the Team Canada Trade Mission to Japan in 1999 and has been invited to speak to such organizations as the Canada-Japan Business Council of Quebec, Fisheries Council of Canada, Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, the Kansai International Professionals Association, JETRO Seminar Series, Canada-Japan Forum on Economic Relations, Japan-China Relations Conference, Stanford Project on Japanese Entrepreneurship, and the Canada Science Policy Conference.

·         Research

·         Carin’s current research focuses on government policy and the commercialization of environmental technologies.  This work is part of her ongoing studies of national innovation policies and economic development, focusing primarily on Japan and East Asia.  She is also interested in educational initiatives designed to build international understanding and to foster entrepreneurship among young adults.  Carin is also starting work on a textbook on politics in East Asia.

·         Publications

·         Carin has published, as author and co-author, five academic books and more than 20 scholarly articles and book chapters.  Her books include:


Co-Author, Pacific Partners: The Japanese Presence in Canadian Business, Culture and Society (Toronto: Lorimer, 1996).


Canadian Business Opportunities in Japan: Current Realities and Future Prospects (Ottawa: Canada-Japan Trade Council, 1999).


Government, International Trade and Laissez Faire Capitalism: Canada, Australia and New Zealand's Relations with Japan (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2002).


Co-author, Japan and the Internet Revolution (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2003).


Co-author, Innovation Nation: Japanese Science and Technology in the 21st Century (Palgrave­ Macmillan, 2007).


Co-editor, Japan in the Age of Globalization (London: Routledge, 20 11).


Co-author, Digital Media in East Asia: National Innovation and the Transformation of a Region. (Cambria Press, 2012).


Co-author, The Global Digital Economy (Cambria, 2015.)


Carin’s major articles include:

"Japan's Economic Impact on Northern British Columbia," The Northern Review_#15/16 (Winter 1995/Summer 1996), 113-138


"The Japanese Economy in Transition: Canadian Response and Opportunities," in Hugh Millward and James Morrison, eds., Japan at Century's End: Changes, Challenges and Choices (Halifax: Fernwood and Saint Mary's, 1997), pp. 85-96.


"Breaking into the Japanese Market: Canadian Companies and the Challenge of Doing Business in Japan" in P. Bowles and L.T. Woods (eds.),  Japan after the Economic Miracle: In Search of New Directions (Great Britain: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000).


“When the Trade Mission is Over: The Commercial Realities of Canadian Business in Japan," Larry Woods, ed., Understanding Japan: Essays Inspired by Frank Langdon (Vancouver: Centre of International Relations, 2005). Pp. 165-188.


"The Culture(s) of Commerce:  Japan, International Business and the Cultural Influences of Globalization," Ken Henshall, et al, eds., Cultural Interaction and Nationalism


"Investing Under the Radar: The Reintroduction of Japanese Commerce to Canada after World War II" in Greg Donaghy and Pat Roy, eds., Contradictory Impulses: Canada and Japan in the Twentieth Century (UBC Press, 2008) , pp. 176-189.


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Co-author, "Competition through Innovation: The Politics of Japan's National Innovation Strategy," in Japan in the Age of Globalization (London: Routledge, 2011)


Green Japan: The Politics of Climate Change and Ecological Commerce" in Japan in the Age of Globalization (London: Routledge, 2011)


Co-author, "Japan’s Rescue of the IMF," Social Science Japan Journal, Vol. 15, Issue 2 (Summer, 2012).


Moore, M-L., F.R. Westley, O. Tjornbo, and C. Holroyd, "The Loop, the Lens, and the Lesson: Using resilience theory to examine public policy and social innovation," Chapter 4 in: Nicholls, A., and Murdock, A. (eds) Social Innovation. Palgrave MacMillan, 2012).


Carin Holroyd, "Local Economies and the Future of Environmental Sustainability in Japan and Asia: Osaka and Kitakyushu," The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol 10, Issue 42, No. 1, October 15, 2012.

Professional Activities Carin is a Past-President of the Japan Studies Association of Canada and is currently a member of the JSAC Executive.  She has twice organized the annual conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada and the 2008 annual meeting of the Canadian Asian Studies Association.  She is also Founder and  President of the Vietnam Education Society, a charity that builds schools and supports education in rural Vietnam.  She serves regularly as a reviewer for academic journals and presses. 


Canadian trade and investment East Asia Green growth Innovation systems Japan National innovation Vietnam digital digital content digital media environmental policies environmental sustainability environmental technologies governance and resource development government-business relations international development new economy policy northern economic development political economy technological change