Picture of Chris Holmden

Chris Holmden B.Sc., Ph.D.

McLeod Enhancement Chair and Co-Director of the Saskatchewan Isotope Laboratory

Faculty Member in Geological Sciences
Graduate Supervisor in Geological Sciences

Geology 242

Research Area(s)

  • Cr and U isotopes to elucidate theoxygenation history of the Earth
  • Ca isotopes toprobe the meaning of the very large shifts in sedimentary inorganic and organic C isotopes preserved in marinesedimentary rocks throughtime
  • Ca, Mg, and Sr isotope studies of dolomite aimed atunderstanding its complex origins in the sedimentary rock record
  • Cr isotopes as tracers of the modern ocean Cr cycle (with Canadian GEOTRACES)
  • Improving understanding of the events and processes that have shaped the Earth since its origins, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth


cycle earth evolution geochemistry isotope isotope geochemistry paeloenvironments paleontology sedimentology