Picture of Chantale Cenerini

Chantale Cenerini

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member in Linguistics

Arts 909

Research Area(s)

  • Languages of the Michif, Algonquian languages, French (MB, SK)
  • Language description and documentation
  • Narrative structure
  • Language revitalization and maintenance
  • Morphology, morphosyntax
  • Co-construction, discourse
  • Indigenous research methodologies


I work predominantly in the areas of storywork and language reclamation, as well as narrative structure, language variation, language teaching and language documentation. 

Are you interested in Indigenous Language documentation and are thinking about a Master's?

If you are: 

  • Working on a Linguistics degree or another related or relevant field of study (e.g. Indigenous Studies)
  • Interested on working with Indigenous language preservation and documentation
  • Interested in the Michif/Métis or other related Algonquian plains nations
  • Interested in language contact and variation
  • Committed to community collaborative work and research

The Department of Linguistics at USask has a large focus on Indigenous language work both in Canada and across the Americas. Please contact Chantale (chantale.cenerini@usask.ca) if you would like to find out more about these options - also visit https://grad.usask.ca/programs/linguistics.php#Admissionrequirements for more information on admission requirements and application guidelines.