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Dr. Angela M. Jaime Ph.D

Vice-Dean Indigenous

Faculty Member in Indigenous Studies

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In Preparation or Submitted

Jaime, A.M. & H. Kulago. (2020, May). Indigenization and Decolonization. The Oxford

Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies in Education. NY: Oxford Press.

Jaime, A.M. (Ed). (May 2020). Proposal submission for an edited volume on Native

American & Indigenous Education, a reader. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 


Refereed Journal Articles: 

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Non-Referred Journal Articles:

Rush, T., Miller, V., & Jaime. A. (2007, April). Five plus research-based methods for teachers of

American Indian/Alaska Native students. Published in the conference proceedings of the Catching the Dream Foundation, 12th Annual Exemplary Institute. Albuquerque, NM.


Non-Referred Chapters Book: 

Jaime, A.M. & Russell, C.C. (March 2019). TribalCrit Theory and Blood Quantum (place

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Autoethnography Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Indigenous Education Indigenous Identity Narrative Inquiry TribalCrit

Education & Training

Doctorate of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum Studies

Purdue University

Dissertation Title: Narrated portraits: Native American women in academia

Graduation Date: May 2005

Women’s Studies Minor

Master of Arts in Ethnic Studies; American Indian Studies

San Francisco State University

Ethnic Studies, American Indian Studies

San Francisco, California

Graduation Date: May 1997

Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies; Native American Studies

California State University, Sacramento

Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies

Sacramento, California

Graduation Date: May 1995