Picture of Adam Bourassa

Adam Bourassa Ph.D., P.Eng.


Faculty Member in Physics & Engineering Physics

Physics Rm. 253

Research Area(s)

  • Development of satellite based remote sensing measurement and inversion techniques that are able to probe the atmosphere globally, frequently and repetitively
  • Canadian Optical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imaging System (OSIRIS) satellite to globally measure the vertical structure of the atmosphere
  • Measurements and impacts of aerosols in the upper troposphere and stratosphere
  • Development of radiative transfer modeling and inversion methods for these and other aerosols, including clouds, smoke and dust
  • Understanding the radiative and chemical effects of these aerosolst in the study of long term atmospheric trends required for further understanding of the Earth's climate system
  • Development of designs for future optical instrumentation for sub-orbital and space-based remote sensing missions


Atmospheric & Space Physics OSIRIS aerosols atmosphere optical instruments radiative space-based remote sensing stratosphere