2024 recipients

Todd Lyons (left), Sculpture Area Technician in the Department of Art and Art History, and Michelle Jarvin, Finance and Administrative Support Staff in the Department of Indigenous Studies. Read more

Award overview

The Dean's Distinguished Staff Award is awarded annually to two outstanding staff members in the College of Arts & Science in recognition of the extraordinary contributions they respectively make to the work they do in support of faculty and students, and fellow staff members.

Staff members nominated for this award will have made significant contributions to their workplace through excellence in overall work performance and quality of service, and will have demonstrated the College values of integrity, diversity, creativity, innovation, knowledge, and personal growth.

Recipients of this year’s awards will be recognized at the May 2024 College of Arts & Science Faculty Council.

Eligibility criteria

The Dean's Distinguished Staff Award is open to any staff member of the College of Arts & Science, including all CUPE 1975 and ASPA members, and Exempt members, with a minimum of two years of service as of the nomination deadline. Employees who have previously received the award are not eligible.

Nomination criteria

Who may nominate?

Any College employee, including staff, faculty and administrators, or any student, may nominate a staff member for the Dean's Distinguished Staff Award.

Dean's Distinguished Staff Award Nomination Criteria

The distinguished staff award criteria are based on the University's and College's core competencies and values of excellence, integrity, diversity, creativity, innovation, knowledge and personal growth.

Nominees need not meet all criteria, but please identify at least three qualities that apply to the candidate.

  1. Demonstrates excellence in overall work performance
    • Consistently provides excellence in job performance in their regular duties
    • Exhibits good organizational and leadership skills
    • Shows motivation and desire for excellence
    • Provides exceptional service to clients
    • Demonstrates commitment to the department and the College by performing services beyond the requirements of their job responsibilities
    • Is knowledgeable about the job duties and the University
    • Exhibits high levels of energy and commitment to the department or work unit
    • Contributes to positive and productive work and learning environments
  2. Continually contributes to a respectful, diverse, and collaborative work environment
    • Is willing to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with others
    • Treats others with dignity and respect
    • Is a person from whom others seek guidance and advice
    • Builds opportunities through collaboration and partnerships
    • Earns the respect of others through professionalism, teamwork, and contribution to morale
    • Participates willingly and openly supports team or departmental decisions
    • Promotes positive experiences and morale
    • Exhibits a congenial and supportive attitude when providing service to others
    • Interacts with co-workers, students and faculty in a positive, responsive and cheerful manner
    • Values the diversity of the University community, including the people, their points of view, and the contributions they make
  3. Demonstrates ability to initiate, implement, and support innovation or creativity and institutional change
    • Addresses problematic situations and suggests creative ways to resolve them
    • Adapts and maintains productivity in an atmosphere of changing practices
    • Demonstrates an optimistic attitude towards change
  4. Exemplifies excellence and integrity in workplace relationships, interactions, and decision making
    • Recognizes and gives credit to successes of others
    • Demonstrates integrity and ethical conduct in words and deeds
    • Understands and demonstrates the need for confidentiality and discretion
    • Identifies shared interests to develop positive outcomes
    • Values and considers different points of view before making a decision
  5. Is committed to making the university experience a positive one for students
    • Demonstrates commitment to the development of quality programs and/or activities that contribute to students' personal and academic development and/or the university experience
    • Demonstrates commitment to "being there" for students when they encounter personal or academic problems
  6. Takes responsibility for personal growth and development
    • Seeks out and appreciates feedback, demonstrating a commitment to learning
    • Shows an interest and effort in continually enhancing skills and quality of work
    • Demonstrated commitment to learning

Nomination Requirements

A nomination must clearly state the nominee's merits and concrete examples of their exceptional performance and distinguished service. Nominations should be made with objectivity and professionalism, and be supported by at least two persons (in addition to the nominator) and by the nominee's supervisor (as one of the two persons, if not the nominator).

A nomination must include:

  • Completed Nomination Information Form (on PAWS) - details the facts supporting this nomination
  • One Nomination Letter - Not more than 3 pages maximum addressing the following information:
    1. A brief description of the nominee's job responsibilities
    2. Description of how the nominee meets at least three of the six award criteria.
  • Two support letters - 1 page maximum each
    Support letters should come from two of these groups: coworkers, supervisors, faculty, students, or other University of Saskatchewan affiliated employees
  • Note: As the Nomination must also be supported by the nominee's supervisor, ensure that the nominee's supervisor provides either the nomination letter or a support letter

Online Nomination Process

Note: to complete the Nomination Form online, you must have electronic copies of the nomination letter and support letters to upload with the online form submission.

You might need to login using your NSID.


All nominations should be submitted by April 1, 2024. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered.

Selection Process

The Nomination Review committee will be appointed by the Dean and include three members who may be from the College or other offices/colleges across the university.

Nominations will be reviewed by the committee using the eligibility and nomination criteria described above. The committee will forward its recommendation to the Dean, who will make the final decision.


The award

The winners of the Dean's Distinguished Staff Award will be acknowledged with a framed certificate in recognition of their special contribution and $1,000 (net of tax).

For further information, contact the Dean's Office at 306-966-4232 or by e-mail at dean.artsandscience@usask.ca.

Past recipients

Year Name and position
2023 amanda-terry.png

Amanda Terry

Office Coordinator, Department of Political Studies/ Administrative Support Group

2023 banjo.png

Banjo Olaleye

Director, Undergraduate Student Advising

2022 Patrick Bulas

Patrick Bulas

Printmaking Studio Technician, Department of Art and Art History
2022 Shannon Boklaschuk

Barbara Reimer

Photo and Digital Technician, Department of Art and Art History
2021 Shannon Boklaschuk

Shannon Boklaschuk

Communications Officer, College of Arts and Science Communications Office

Joni Morman

Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Psychology / Arts and Science Administrative Support Group
2020 sharla.png

Sharla Daviduik

Manager, Arts and Science Administrative Support Group
2020 EWasylow

Erin Wasylow

Office Coordinator, Department of Chemistry / Arts and Science Administrative Support Group
2019 Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Office Coordinator, Department of Art and Art History / Arts and Science Administrative Support Group
2019 LaVina Watts

LaVina Watts

Interdisciplinary Programs and Study Abroad Coordinator, Office of the Vice-Dean Academic
2018 ADahl

Marjorie Granrude

Clerical assistant, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics
2018 ADahl

Nadine Penner

Graduate Programs Administrative Coordinator, Administrative Support Group
2017 ADahl

Donna Bilokreli

Student Advisor, UGSO
2017 ADahl

Kyla Denton

Administrative Coordinator, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2016 ADahl

Sheryl Prouse

Director of Student Advising
2016 ADahl

Ted Toporowski

Machine Shop Technician
2015 ADahl

Ronda Duke

Department Head's Secretary
2015 ADahl

Lana Elias

Director of Science Outreach
2014 ADahl

Alexis Dahl

Director, Arts and Science Programs
2014 ADahl

Margarita Santos

Administrative Clerical Assistant, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2013 ADahl

Brenda Britton

Office Manager of the Department of Geography and Planning
2013 ADahl

Joan Virgl

Executive Assistant to the Head and Graduate Chair for the Department of Biology
2012 ADahl

Gloria Brandon

Director of Student Advising Services, UGSO
2012 ADahl

Lori Giles

Clerical Assistant, Department of Sociology
2011 ADahl

Mary Jane Hanson

Adminstrative Assistant, Department of Economics
2010 ADahl

Gary Brunet

Associate Director of IT, College Office
2009 ADahl

Troy Linsley

Administrative Assistant, Department of Music
2008 ADahl

Cheryl Piche

Head Secretary, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Past nominees

2018 Deans' Distinguished Award Nominees

Pictured (left to right): Dean Peta Bonham-Smith, Alex Werenka, Vasu Penugonde, Peter Krebs, Nadine Penner, Joni Morman, Marj Granrude, Joni Onlcin

2016 Deans' Distinguished Award Nominees

Pictured (left to right): LaVina Watts, Interim Dean Peta Bonham-Smith, Joseph Anderson, Gwen Lancaster, Ken Thoms, Sue Johnson, Sheryl Prouse, Ted Toporowski. Not pictured: Lisa Jategaonkar.

2015 Deans' Distinguished Award Nominees

Dean Peter Stoicheff with the six nominees for the 2015 College of Arts & Science Dean’s Distinguished Staff Award. Back row (left to right): Patrick Bulas, Lana Elias, LaVina Watts. Front row: Dean Peter Stoicheff, Richard Kondra, Ronda Duke, Blessing Mudauko.

2014 Deans' Distinguished Award Nominees