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2013 Teaching and Convocation Award Winners

(Top, left to right: Simonne Horwitz, Christopher Todd, Bonita Beatty, Greg Marion. Bottom: Neil Chilton, Pamela Downe, Bill Waiser, James Waldram)

The following individuals from the College of Arts & Science have been named as recipients of 2013 teaching and convocation awards.

These awards are in addition to the 2013 College of Arts & Science Teaching Excellence Awards (Pamela Downe, Archaeology and Anthropology; Nancy van Styvendale, English; Kevin Ansdell, Geological Science). For more on the College of Arts & Science Teaching Excellence Awards, please click here 

Provost’s Award For Excellence in International Teaching
        - Simonne Horwitz, History

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Innovation in Learning
        - Christopher Todd, Biology

Provost’s Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award
        - Bonita Beatty, Native Studies

Provost’s College Teaching Awards in Arts & Science
        - Gregory Marion (Music), Division of Humanities & Fine Arts
        - Pamela Downe (Archaeology and Anthropology), Division of Social Sciences
        - Neil Chilton (Biology), Division of Science

Sylvia Wallace Sessional Teaching Award
        - Daniel Neilson, Computer Science

Award for Distinction in Outreach and Public Service
        - Bill Waiser, History

Distinguished Researcher Award
        - James Waldram, Psychology

USSU Teaching Excellence Awards
        - Jason Zorbas, Political Studies
        - William Robertson, English
        - Beverley Kobelsky, Drama
        - Daniel Neilson, Computer Science
        - Richard Katz, Psychology