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Buddhism and Individual Empowerment

A Guest Lecture by

Tony Meers, Director General of SGI Canada

(Soka Gakkai International Association of Canada)

Tuesday, April 5 - 7:30 pm

in ARTS 146 

Topic: The philosophy of Buddhism regards all life as interdependent.

This means that the creative life force of the universe flows through everything, including us. It is boundless and eternal; yet the limitations of our consciousness prevent us from experiencing it to the fullest extent. Buddhist practice is aimed at expanding our consciousness and thereby harnessing this life force, which finds expression in every aspect of our lives.


Tony Meers is the general director of SGI Canada (Soka Gakkai International Association of Canada), the Canadian member organization for the worldwide Soka Gakkai International. The SGI is an organization dedicated to the promotion of peace, culture and education, based on the Buddhist teachings of nichiren. Nichiren Buddhism began in Japan in the 13th century and is focused on the Lotus Sutra, which teaches the universal capacity for enlightenment in all livings beings.

Mr. Meers was born in Brampton, Ontario in 1953 and grew up in Georgetown. Educated at York University and the University of Toronto, Mr. Meers worked as a freelance illustrator from 1978 to 1998, when he became a fulltime staff member of SGI Canada and was appointed general director in 2000. He joined the SGI in 1972 when the organization was in its early days in Canada. Today there are nearly 7000 members across Canada and 12 million worldwide in 192 countries and territories. Tony Meers is married with four adult children and lives in Toronto.

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