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Dr. Josh Morrison (PhD) is presenting this WGST New Feminist Research Lecture on the presentation of masculinities in film by Canadian queer, trans, and Indigiqueer creatives. Hosted by the Department of Political Studies.

Harsh Realities, Loving Connections: Masculinities in Contemporary Queer Canadian Cinema

Dr. Josh Morrison (PhD) is presenting this WGST New Feminist Research Lecture about the presentation of masculinities in film


Date: Thursday, April 27
Time: 4 pm
Location: ESB 45

About this event

Dr. Josh Morrison (PhD) is presenting this WGST New Feminist Research Lecture. Morrison is a lecturer in Women’s and Gender Studies, appointed in the USask Department of English. His research and teaching focus on queer and trans media, masculinities studies, and critical theory. His interdisciplinary approach draws on his PhD in Film, Television, and Media studies, two Master’s Degrees in Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities studies, and a Bachelor of Music Performance. 

Drawing on feature films by Cree and Métis Indigiqueer filmmaker Adam Garnet Jones and short films by Canadian queer (and) trans filmmakers Luna Ferguson and Florian Halbedl Hess of Turbid Lake Pictures, Morrison will show how masculinities inform questions of want, lack, isolation, and connection in the relationships presented.

In Fire Song (2015), queer teen Shane wrestles with caregiving while struggling with his own sexuality, desires, and loves after his sister’s death. Jones’ next film, Great Great Great (2017) traces Lauren’s efforts to “have it all” by living a “bachelor’s life,” starting an affair, and proceeding with marriage, until any consequences catch up with her.

Turbid Lake's short film Whispers of Life (2013) emphasizes wonder and relational connections across age and life experiences to challenge homophobia. These queer and Indigiqueer Canadian creatives offer connection-based approaches to queering gender and masculinity, in a new generation of storytellers illuminating less restrictive, more empathetic, and queerer worlds.

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