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The bootcamp is primarily intended for graduate and senior undergraduate students.

Data Science Bootcamp

Learn data analysis and get hands-on software training


Date: June 7–16
Location: University of Saskatchewan


Cost: $50 students (financial support available) | $500 non-students

About this event

The bootcamp is primarily intended for graduate and senior undergraduate students. The bootcamp will also accept a limited number of non-students who are working in organizations or business with a focus on data science and related topics. Registration is now open.

A successful USask-PIMS-CANSSI-SSC summer school in data science was held at the University of Saskatchewan in 2019. Building on 2019’s success, the 2023 summer school will go beyond that of 2019 by exposing participants to more core areas of data science, including real data analysis and hands-on training in software. Advanced topics, including data visualization, computational statistics, statistical methods for high-dimensional data, and statistical machine learning will be covered. Students will also work on a variety of case studies to develop their skills.

All participants are expected to be familiar with basic concepts of linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistical inference. Participants are also expected to have some experience with computer programming and statistical software packages, particularly R.

This event is sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) and Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) Prairies.


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