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In his internationally acclaimed book Straphanger, Taras Grescoe visited 14 cities around the world to look at which places are getting the sustainable mobility formula right.

Moving Saskatoon Forward: Getting Inspired by Sustainable Transportation Ideas from Cities Around the World

A free talk by Taras Grescoe, author of Straphanger


The University of Saskatchewan Regional and Urban Planning program hosts a free public talk by award-winning author and urbanist Taras Grescoe.

Date: Thursday, Nov. 24
7 pm
Roxy Theatre, 320 20th St. W., Saskatoon

Free and open to the public

About this event

Taras Grescoe will present on sustainable cities and public transportation, showing that the key to making our cities sustainable, accessible, and equitable lies in planning for great public transit.

In his internationally acclaimed book Straphanger (Henry Holt, HarperCollins), Taras Grescoe visited 14 cities around the world, from Bogotá to Tokyo, to look at which places are getting the sustainable mobility formula right. He is also a leading voice on urbanism, whose writing on cities has appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times, The Guardian, Monocle, and The Atlantic's CityLab. A familiar presence on CBC radio, television, and NPR, he has been named one of the top influencers on the theme of urban transportation on Twitter.

Grescoe’s popular presentation on the best (and worst) in transit and mobility has seen him speaking to audiences on three continents. In dozens of keynotes, from Shanghai to Portland by way of London and Halifax, he has delivered a nuanced message about the future of urbanism, the perils of planning cities around freeways and cars, and such offbeat mobility solutions as the outdoor escalators of South America and the mini-metros of Italy.

Supported by the College of Art and Science Role Model Speaker Fund and the Department of Geography and Planning


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