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Dr. Rina Zazkis (PhD) is a professor of mathematics education at the Faculty of Education and associate member in the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University.

Mathematical knowledge in teaching: excerpts from research and practice

A Department of Mathematics and Statistics colloquium with Dr. Rina Zazkis (PhD)


Date: Friday, Nov. 25
3:30 pm
Education Building Room 1004, 28 Campus Dr., Saskatoon

Free and open to the public

About this event

Is there a need for advanced mathematics studies in the professional education and development of school mathematics teachers?  While teacher certification requires university-level coursework, teachers often see little value in these courses for their school teaching.  I will discuss several perspectives on the "usefulness of knowledge" and share several research results on knowledge use in instructional situations. I will describe the notion of scripting or scriptwriting and demonstrate how it provides a window into teachers’ knowledge.

Rina Zazkis is a Professor of Mathematics Education at the Faculty of Education and associate member in the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Her research is in the area of undergraduate mathematics education, with a general focus on mathematical knowledge of teachers, and the ways in which this knowledge is developed, modified, and used in teaching. She holds a position of Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, a prestigious recognition of excellence in research and research training. She serves as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.


Sponsored in part by the Role Model Speaker Fund of the College of Arts and Science

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