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Christos Hatzis

From Roots to Branches: The Roles of Tradition, Spirituality and the Other in my Music

A talk by Christos Hatzis in the Fine Arts Research Lecture Series in Music (FARLS)


Date: Friday, Sept. 23
12:30–1:20 pm
Quance Theatre, Education Building Room 1003, 28 Campus Dr., Saskatoon

Free and open to the public

About this event

Often called ‘eclectic’ and ‘postmodern’, Christos Hatzis feels that labels always betray substance and shies away from them. He thinks of his music as ‘reverberant spirituality’ and constantly searches for the ultimate common root of our human psyche, unifying and celebrating the diversity above ground.

FARLS is hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Department of Music. Learn more.

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