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College of Arts and Science faculty and staff submitted photos of their pets during their time working at home. (Photo: "Lucy" by Jessica Brown)

The pets of Arts and Science: Round two

More of the animal companions who enrich the workdays of College of Arts and Science faculty and staff


At the end of 2020, the College of Arts and Science asked faculty and staff to submit words and images showing how their pets enrich their workdays at home. The first batch of these submissions were featured here in December. A blooper video was posted to the college’s social media accounts.

Since then, many more submissions have arrived. Scroll down to meet more of the pets of Arts and Science.

“My co-worker Cosmo stands in for the students when I record lectures. I wish all my students hung on my every word like he does!” –Dr. Karen Lawson (PhD), Professor, Department of Psychology

“I have two cats, Hugo and Orion, who make frequent appearances. I thought they'd get tired of joining ‘work,’ but no, after nine months, they are just as invested in screen time as they were in March.” –Dr. Sandy Bonny (PhD), Team Lead, ISAP and STEM Pathways

“Some photos of my furry co-workers.” –Michayla van de Velde, Programming Officer, ISAP

“This is Mocha. She’s usually sleeping beside me while I work from home. She says the secret for productivity is going out for a walk.” –Aristides Mairena, Research Assistant, Human Computer Interaction Lab

“This is Ruby. She loves to watch me work, and reminds me when its time to get some fresh air.” –Dr. Cheryl Troupe (PhD), Assistant Professor, Department of History

“Mali and Bandit have very much solidified their place on the learning communities team, and they have provided me with so much joy, companionship and protection from the Canada Post delivery person throughout this time!” –Megan Vandendriessche, Coordinator, Learning Communities and First Year Programs

“This crew of critters—General Bonkers, Delphinium, Dr. Bojalowz, and Henrod II—keeps me busy.… It's been great to spend time with them while working from home, and I have also learned a lot about students and colleagues through discussions about cats and dogs.” –Dr. Emily Snyder (PhD), Assistant Professor, Department of Indigenous Studies / Women’s and Gender Studies Program

“My dog, Oreo, is a welcome distraction during this difficult year.” –Kristen Harms, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Sociology

“H.R.H. Liza Martini, Duchess of Crooked Smiles and First Peer of the (Kibble) Realm, generously deigns to serve as my quality control agent and as the first peer reviewer for all my work. She's also great at sniffing, cuddles and making a bed out of literally any vaguely soft surface or item.” –Dr. Josh Morrison (PhD), Lecturer, Department of English / Women’s and Gender Studies Program

“(Flint) has been a great office mate and encourages me to get up from my desk and enjoy the fresh air quite regularly!” –Blair Pisio, Manager of Undergraduate Services

“I’m lucky to have two furry friends to keep me company while working from home. They enjoy putting in an appearance in meetings, and can always be counted on to ‘help’ with my work and remind me when it’s time to take a break for some petting.” –Matt White, Information Technology Manager

This is Jet’s ‘Are you taking a break from work yet?’ face. It’s a good reminder to get up from the computer and go outside for some fresh air! –Chantal Strachan-Crossman, Graduate Program Administrator, Department of Geological Sciences

“My little guy Timbit has been a big part of my and my students’ lives for a long time, but during COVID his appearances in class led to him making a lot of doggie, cat and even some rat and a bearded dragon friends!” –Dr. Simonne Horwitz (D. Phil), Associate Professor, Department of History

“The pet at my house is a betta fish named Pisces. Since the pandemic he has been relocated to the dining room table where I do my work and my son does Grade 6 online.” –Andrea Wasylow, Director of Planning and Communications

“(Tuffy and Jethro) are not great at proofreading emails, but they are really good listeners and make sure I stay active with walks and adventures of chasing birds in the backyard (the last one is mostly the dogs ;) ).” –Amy Karakochuk, Office Coordinator, Department of Linguistics

“Although full-on, raucous chases have broken out behind me during meetings, Andie and Rudolph are actually good friends. Andie ensures I leave my desk and get outside every day, and together they offer daily seminars in how to enjoy a soft couch and a patch of sun.” –Dr. Ella Ophir (PhD), Associate Professor, Department of English

“(Digit) likes to remind me that her ‘meetings’ always take precedence to whatever else I have going on. Fry is never far away while I am working. He’s usually curled up on the couch snoring loudly and reminding me that while I have it pretty good working from home, he has it that much better.” –Ashley Taylor, Clerical Assistant, Graduate Programs

Myrna Lindenbach, administrative assistant in the Faculty Relations Office, submitted a collage of her dog, Bailey.

“Very grateful that I adopted Lucy. She is a constant source of laughter and company during these crazy times. She makes sure I get out for walks too!” –Jessica Brown, Office Coordinator, Department of History

“Minerva is a little sweety and always begging for a treat! Benny likes to be front and centre, and often hangs out with me when I’m working. He’s known as the foreman.” –Barb Wotherspoon, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Sociology

Want to visit with a therapy dog?

Dr. Colleen Dell (PhD), a professor in the Department of Sociology and the Centennial Enhancement Chair in One Health and Wellness, organizes the PAWS Your Stress Therapy Dog Program in collaboration with campus Peer Health and St. John Ambulance of Saskatoon. The program offers free online video sessions with therapy dogs through its website at

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