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The music of the Duo Gillis Cunningham combines sounds from instruments, ancient and new, in contemporary electro-acoustic settings.

Faculty and Friends Virtual Concert

A free performance by the Duo Gillis Cunningham, who combine ancient and new instruments in contemporary electro-acoustic settings


The University of Saskatchewan Department of Music has initiated a new concert series! These mini-concerts will be broadcast online on a one-time basis on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm, alternating with FARLS (Fine Arts Research Lecture Series in Music) virtual lectures and other departmental special events.

Wednesday, Nov. 25
12:30 pm

Watch online via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 895 7933 9284

Passcode: 908281

Free and open to the public

November concert

Performers: Glen Gillis, James Cunningham

Sonic Eclipse
Sonic Eclipse is an album released by the Duo Gillis Cunningham in 2020.

This presentation will highlight collaborative processes utilized by the Duo Gillis Cunningham (DGC) in the production of their 2020 album release, Sonic Eclipse. The DGC, featuring Drs. Glen Gillis (alto saxophone) and James E. Cunningham (didgeridoo and electronics), has been composing and performing together for more than twenty years. Their music combines sounds from instruments, ancient and new, in contemporary electro-acoustic settings. Although the collaborative process has long been a staple of their original compositions, DGC has recently expanded their collaboration to include other sound artists and musicians such as DGC producer/recording engineer Matt Baltrucki (Hoot Wisdom studio, Boca Raton, Florida), recording engineer Wayne Giesbrecht (Media Production, University of Saskatchewan), and studio drummer and percussionist Satnam Ramgotra (Hollywood, California). 


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