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7 Nights of Historical Villainy: Talk by USask history professor Keith Carlson

Posted in Politics & Society, Voices & Opinion
Mar 20, 2019

John Lake is commemorated in bronze for his role in founding Saskatoon as a temperance colony.

University of Saskatchewan history professor Dr. Keith Carlson (PhD) will give a talk entitled "Saskatoon's Founder, Canadian Villain: John Lake."

Date: Wednesday, March 20
Time: 6 pm
Location: Hose and Hydrant, 612 11th St. East

Talk description: 

Commemorated in bronze for his role in founding Saskatoon as a temperance colony, John Lake was, in fact, a scoundrel who left a trail of financial, political and emotional despair across Saskatchewan and Ontario. A developer with a keen eye for the main chance and the scruples of a sideshow barker, Lake’s greatest contribution to community building might be that he is someone all people of Saskatoon, regardless of ancestry, income and religion, should agree to dislike.


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