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Tiro and Cicero: A Look at the Relationship between a Freedman and his Patron

Feb 28, 2019

Part of the Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) Colloquium Series

Thursday, Feb. 28
4:30 pm
Shannon Library, STM College, 1437 College Dr.

Free and open to the public

A talk by Dr. Ann DeVito (PhD), CMRS fellow

Cicero’s freedman Tiro is known for his devoted service to his former master and his role in compiling Cicero’s vast correspondence. All the same, there are significant gaps in our knowledge of Tiro’s life, and the younger Pliny opens a window on a different aspect of Cicero’s and Tiro’s relationship when he mentions Cicero’s disappointment at being denied a kiss by Tiro. This talk will examine what we know about Tiro and his life in Cicero’s household, including what we might make of Pliny’s comment.

Dr. Ann DeVito (PhD) is a lecturer in Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Saskatchewan.



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